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Top 5 Badass Twitter Influencers to Inspire your Social Voice
Top 5 Badass Twitter Influencers to Inspire your Social Voice

With Twitter influencers it can really go one of two ways.

You have the non-stop content generation mills soullessly churning 20+ posts per hour about the latest trends in marketing. And then you have what I like to call the Badass Social Voice Influencers. These select few are defined by how they push the limits of social as a whole. They use the freedom of the internet to foster creativity over conversions. What makes them truly badass is their bravery to speak their minds even when it may not lead to retweets or any real ROI at all for that matter.

I wanted to share my top 5 badass twitter influencers so you can learn from example. These people are artistic with their approach. They act as modern poets, using each tweet as an opportunity to change the collective consciousness.

Anyone can repost old blog articles. I believe social is moving away from this type of content in search of raw intelligent insight. If you can learn to master the art of speaking genuinely while giving fresh insights you too will notice a following that gathers to watch your every tweet.

Top 5

Donald Miller



I hope I’m not stepping out of line when I say that Donald is a modern poetic genius. Each tweet stands alone as wholly inspirational and captivating. Through intelligent wordplay he forces us to question our methods and act with intention. Honestly there were times I assumed he was quoting some great philosopher when it ended up just being another of his stellar musings. He’s also a great resource for learning how to improve and define your brand

In Three Words: Poetic, Quotable, Brand

Ryan Holiday



I first followed Ryan after digesting his stellar book The Obstacle is the Way. Little did I know that following him would be akin to reading an entire new book one tweet at a time. Ryan takes inspiration from classical literature and somehow incorporates these ancient wisdoms into a modern relatable context. The result is an everflowing stream of introspection and reflection. Not to mention, he really loves calling brands out on their bullshit. The fact that he just went on a huge tirade against Jezebel won him some major points in my book.

In Three Words: Introspective, Meditative, #QuitYourBullshit

Rebekah Radice



A lifestyle guru in your Twitter feed. One second she’s spouting hardcore #realtalk motivation, the next she’s sharing a great insight on the latest twitter privacy policies. What I love about her is how unafraid she is to stay true to herself while embracing her role as a budding leader in the space. Stay real Rebekah, we appreciate the honesty.

In Three Words: Honest, Humble, Enlightening

Oli Gardner



Oli is the type of guy we all want to be on Twitter. Unafraid, conversational, unique, bold and refreshing. I have no idea how this dude is able to cram so much insight in 160 characters. Not to mention he’s constantly giving his tweets 110% effort, going as far as creating custom animated GIFs for a laugh. Couple his humor with all the insights he shares from founding Unbounce and you pretty much have to hit the follow button. Don’t resist it. Give in to his charm.

In Three Words: Humorous, Bold, Unconventional

Pam Moore



Pam lives up to her reputation as the ‘Social Nut’ of the industry. Her feed is a full on bombardment of marketing wisdom the likes of which you probably won’t find anywhere else. It’s a tangy blend of 60% of the latest content buzzing around the rumor mills and 40% original quotes for taste. Her intelligence really shines through with each post and I especially love her direct approach to marketing. She’s also a good example for how to engage with other users on social, always open to having a casual chat with one of her many users.

In Three Words: Thoughtful, Energetic, Wise


Product Hunt


If you made it this far, you get to see my favorite account in the world. Essentially it’s a feed that features the top products from across the web each day. This is basically where most marketers ‘in the know’ tend to find their tools before they reach the masses. There’s just so many damn cool things that are guaranteed to grab your interest. It’s a fun way to stay in the loop on the latest tools for growing your brand.

In Three Words: Totally, Awesome, Tools!

Thanks for reading everyone. Now go out and be brave with your interactions. We have complete freedom to be and say what we choose. Learn to appreciate this freedom and use it to be remembered. 

About the Author

Alex D'Amore
Alex D'Amore is a Senior Editor at Social Media Explorer as well as an Account Manager for Renegade . He travels full time and has lived on the road working remotely for over two years. You can check out his blog or Instagram to follow him on the road. Alex enjoys photography, social psychology, and riding his bike for way too long.
  • emfluenz

    Thanks for the informative and cool article. These people are real bad ass when it comes to sharing content that really matters to them.

  • Thanks for the information, Spending time on twitter and why you need followers and how you setup your profile on twitter is very crucial to make sure our profile doesn’t fall under spammers. Posting too little or too
    much and expressing on twitter when angry or happy can definitely generate some impressions about your profile. One of the main reasons I strongly believe in the power of twitter is it has all the tools to promote your product or service. By following some basic tips/guidelines in twitter like keeping the name of the product/service short, using hashtags, landing pages, URL shortened can help in achieving the task. Consistent branding is very effective and needed when you want to message to broader group.

  • Nicole Delorme

    I love Twitter accounts that share more than a marketing strategy and add in their own wisdom. I also love to follow people who speak their mind and aren’t consistently re-posting old blog posts. I’ve already taken the time to follow each of these influencers and it took me 3 seconds until I found something I automatically retweeted! Thanks for sharing.

    • Awesome glad to hear it! That’s exactly how I feel, being honest and insightful will always capture my attention more than a blog post link :)


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