The Top 6 Snapchat Accounts you HAVE to follow in 2017
The Top 6 Snapchat Accounts You HAVE to Follow in 2017
The Top 6 Snapchat Accounts You HAVE to Follow in 2017

Snapchat: love it or hate it (or, just don’t understand it), it’s here to stay. Originally released in 2011, Snapchat has evolved from a temporary image-messaging app to a legitimate multimedia platform. Celebrities and brands that were flourishing on Instagram and Twitter are now embracing Snapchat — however intrusive this next level of accessibility may be.

So, if you’re wondering how brands can take advantage of the new digital power player, we suggest checking out the following top 6 Snapchat accounts in 2017.

1. Chelsea Handler (username: chelseahandler)

For those who have not yet discovered the amazingness that is Chelsea Handler’s Snapchat, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Handler doesn’t stray from her signature nonchalance, taking her followers behind the scenes of her Netflix show and throughout her house after hours (hint: like usual, she’s up to no good). Fans of her infamous pups, Chunk and Tammy, can expect to see lots of clips of the adorable duo, too.

2. DJ Khaled (username: djkhaled305)

If DJ Khaled ever decides music is not his true calling, might I suggest “Snapchat consultant” as his next career path? It’s hard to put your finger on what exactly makes his account so hilarious, but there’s no denying how entertaining it is. While there may be more footage of a half-naked overweight man fluttering around than most would prefer, at least tune in to hear his “keys to wisdom” and brand marketing advice.

3. Taco Bell (username: tacobell)

Much like Denny’s has attracted a large millennial following on Twitter, Taco Bell’s strategy on Snapchat is comparable. Taking advantage of Gen Y’s love for all things taco-related, the chain created a filter for Cinco de Mayo 2016 that turned consumers heads into a giant taco shell.

Since then, Taco Bell has continued to target users with various campaigns, like the recently announced “Taco Tales.” Taco Tales makes use of user generated content to create a web series on YouTube, with elements also being shared on Snapchat.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (username: fallontonight)

Whether you watch religiously or catch the trending clips at work, The Tonight Show’s Snapchat is worth checking out. Fallon’s social team routinely publishes snaps announcing upcoming celebrity guests and crowdsourcing content from followers. Most recently, fans were offered the opportunity to send a funny problem with the potential of receiving an answer on-air from Steve Harvey. Who doesn’t want 15 minutes of fame with some added value?

5. Bloomingdale’s (username: bloomingdales)

There’s a lot of noise in the fashion world, especially when it comes to social media. Many brands lack strategy and therefore lose the chance to engage with potential consumers in a meaningful way online. So, when a brand like Bloomingdale’s is doing it right—we take notice.

The department store has mastered the art of creating Snapchat Stories. Just the other day, followers were taken on a tour through their flagship store decorated for the holidays (complete with witty captions and emojis). Bonus: Bloomie’s always concludes with product info on its featured outfit of the day.

6. Netflix (username: Netflix)

The last name on this list is pretty much a no-brainer (unless you’re the 0.0001% of the population that doesn’t make use of this life-changing amenity). While Netflix’s daily posts aren’t extraordinary, the streaming service’s use of the platform for advertising campaigns is impressive.

In May 2016, French fans of House of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt were treated to themed face-swaps in front of a Netflix billboard. Most recently, Netflix released a Gilmore Girls filter that was viewed 880,000 times.

Who would you list as the most follow-worthy accounts on Snapchat?

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