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5 Reasons You Should Be Following Evvy on Instagram Right Now
5 Reasons You Should Be Following Evvy on Instagram Right Now

Evvy’s Instagram @Evvy is more than 8,200 followers strong and climbing, and the brand’s co-creators, Priyanka Jain and Laine Bruzek see their social media channels as core to their community-first strategy. Bruzek says growing the brand on social media is an important step in expanding the narrative on vaginal health care. “[It’s about getting] science-grounded vaginal health education to as many people as possible,” Bruzek says. “One of our favorite parts of building Evvy has been finding community among women and people with vaginas who want to laugh, learn, and commiserate about vaginal health.”

Bruzek says the company also encourages vaginal health education on its blog #AskEvvy, which offers articles on how sex influences vaginal pH levels, common conditions are mistaken for yeast infections, how feminine hygiene products can actually hurt the vagina, and reasons why a vaginal infection might not be going away.

  1. It’s a community of support for vaginal health.

Jain says the company is on a mission to reinvent how the female body is understood and treated. Through Evvy’s Instagram, they’re working to inspire followers to continue an open dialogue. Evvy’s Instagram features posts on everything from tips on how to speak to one’s partner about vaginal issues, to vital health stats, to humorous memes about nether region woes. The social media channel also features links to the latest podcasts Evvy’s co-founders have been guests on and shout-outs to accolades it’s received from Vogue and Ebony for destigmatizing vaginal infections. “It’s time that vaginal health, and women’s health as a whole, gets the investment it deserves on a clinical and personal level,” Jain told Vogue.

  1. It’s totally relatable for those experiencing recurrent vaginal health issues with few to no answers. 

The Evvy team says ​​for those struggling with recurrent vaginal symptoms, its metagenomic test can bring answers to what is otherwise a long and challenging journey of identifying which microbes are related to their symptoms or which treatments are improving their microbiome. The business’s Instagram features videos discussing if discharge is normal or not, the lowdown on bacterial vaginosis (BV), and other vaginal health stresses. Followers have responded with gratitude and praise for tackling such issues, leaving comments such as “Happened to me yesterday,” and “Sharing with everyone I know.”

  1. It’s empowering women one post at a time.

“We are hoping to provide information so people can talk to their own doctor,” Jain said on the “Confidently Insecure” podcast hosted by Kelsey Darragh. “So many of our members have unfortunately disengaged from the health care system and can’t get other answers. We’re hoping to provide people with the research and knowledge to come up with a more personalized standard of care together. Our Instagram is very exciting and we have an amazing team member just crushing the TikTok game, so if you want to just laugh about your vaginal health and acknowledge that we’ve all been there, I strongly recommend checking that out.”

Darragh, who follows Evvy on Instagram, also emphasized on the podcast that it’s free to learn more about one’s vagina if they’re following Evvy. 

  1. Evvy’s Instagram is closing the gender health gap.

According to Evvy, it shockingly takes women on average four years longer than men to be diagnosed with the same disease. Women also weren’t required to be included in U.S. clinical research until 1993, and only 4% of healthcare research and development spending goes toward women’s health in the United States. It’s something Jain and Bruzek aim to change through Evvy’s research and at-home vaginal microbiome testing kits. The kits are available as a single test or through a membership that includes one test every three months. The test requires a simple swab of the vagina, according to Jain.

“Evvy is expanding our understanding of not just the vaginal microbiome, but other biomarkers in the female body,” Bruzek says. “So, our highest level vision isn’t just around the vagina,” Bruzek adds it’s about totally transforming how to treat the female body as a whole.

  1. It’s teaching the world about what the vaginal microbiome is and why it matters.

“It’s challenging to get the word out about a vaginal microbiome test when nobody’s heard of the vaginal microbiome,” Bruzek says. “There’s a big barrier to entry because much of the education we need to do about the vaginal microbiome is extremely scientific. I also thought that talking about vaginas was going to be too taboo and that people weren’t going to want to open up about it, but I have been thrilled with how excited our community is to finally have a place to talk openly about their health.”

While Evvy offers content on TikTok and Facebook, the co-founders say they’re also exploring additional community platform options to continue to spread the word on vaginal health.

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