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6 Legal Instagram Meme Pages That Are Criminally Underrated
6 Legal Instagram Meme Pages That Are Criminally Underrated

The legal profession, like every other profession, has go-to pages. The following are the two main verticals that legal pages may cater to before we get into the ranking.

  1. LitigationThis is the type of lawyer you see most often on television giving passionate speeches during trials.
  2. TransaktionalThese are lawyers who execute contracts. If you have read about an M&A deal in the news, it utilized these folks to make it happen. As a result, there is some crossover between pages that cater to this crowd and the “fin-meme” world.

These pages were ranked by me after I checked their Instagram feeds. This gave me an idea of the engagement and frequency with which they published content. Without further ado, let’s hop right into the rankings:

LitigationClearly, this is a court page.

At 148k followers, they aren’t the biggest of the legal meme pages, but that will likely change over time if they continue at their current pace. These legal meme pages post the most and have the best content. They are always funny, smart, and hilarious. Their ability to ride the latest news trends is a gift and they have an excellent meme style that works with current events. They also dominate Linkedin. Katie Phang is a notable follower, as well Congressman Joaquin Castro.

Legal Problems– (Litigation)

With 288k followers they are the most popular legal meme page. They also have the longest-running account. They don’t post as often as the other pages and their content and posting style appears to appeal to an older demographic of the legal profession. Their ability to reach such large numbers of lawyers has earned them a top ranking. There is good possibility that you have already followed them if you’re a lawyer.

BigLawBoiz– (Transactional/Litigation)

With 127k users, it is one of the most popular transactional Instagram pages. The memes they post are often funny and modern. Their humor touches on both litigation and transactional practice, but their focus is more slated for folks who are at “Big Law Firms,” which typically means a firm in the AmLaw 100. It is clear that followers are engaged, with the admin engaging commenters frequently with hilarious quips worth scrolling.

Non equity partner– (Transactional)

They have 153k fans and are definitely the best legal meme page handle. This page is similar to BigLawBoiz, but it focuses more narrowly on transactional attorneys who have some finance knowledge and experience at a “Big Law” firm. Although this may not be for everyone, if you are a match to their criteria you’ll likely enjoy the page.

Attorney.memes– (Litigation)

With 153k users, it seems like they have the litigator in their sights. While they may not post as much as some other pages but get great engagement, when they do post they are more popular than others.

OnlyAssociates– (Litigation)

They have 66k fans, making them the least popular page on the list. However, their content is great and makes good use of non-traditional meme formats. Definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for more legal meme pages.

These pages show that lawyers are not in easy situations. They seem to be able to make light of their circumstances, which is sure helping them through weeks of continuous billing.

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