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8 Vital Reasons to Keep Your Legal Battles Off of Social Media
8 Vital Reasons to Keep Your Legal Battles Off of Social Media

Every day, millions of people use social media as their soap box. When you are dealing with legal issues, you might want to vent your thoughts. You must resist the temptation to complain to millions of people on social media. If you are thinking about sending a private message to someone, do not send it. Nothing is private on social media.

1- Social Media Posts Are Not Illegally Obtained Evidence

There are laws for obtaining legal evidence for a case. Many people are unaware that anything shared on social media is public information. Even if your profile is private, your posts are public information. Anyone can access the information. You should keep that in your mind when you are thinking about your legal issues.

2- Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used as Evidence Against You

To find out who is telling the truth, attorneys will use social media to gather evidence for the case. There are numerous ways a long post about your life can make your situation worse. You might get caught in a lie with your words used against you.

3- Photos on Social Media Are Evidence

You can say you do not have an item. However, photos can prove that you are lying. This is common with material items. It is also common when people claim they were somewhere else at a certain time.

4- Friends’ Comments Can Hurt Your Case

You need to talk about your legal problems on the phone or in person. Social media is not a place to gossip about important information. Let your friends know that they need to be mindful of your legal battles when they write posts.

5- You Can Get Sued for Defamation

Attacking someone’s character on social media is not always harmless. If your posts hurt someone’s reputation, the information can be used in a lawsuit. Get out all of your thoughts in your journal. If you need to complain to a person, meet your friend somewhere to talk.

6- You Can Look Emotionally Unstable

Legal cases can get really ugly. If someone wants to show proof of your mood swings, they can use your social media rants against you. Daily angry posts can make you look aggressive. Your social media wall can make you look like you have a personality disorder.

7- Social Media Posts Are Never Deleted

You might delete your posts, but they are still stored on the site. Also, you do not know how many people have copied and pasted your comments. Deleting comments gives you a false sense of security.

8- You Can Make Yourself Look Like the Bad Guy

Your posts might help the other person get more sympathy. The other person can make you look hostile when you are emotionally hurt. Let the other person’s actions speak louder than their words.

Legal battles are very emotional, but you should not let the whole world know about your problems. You will feel better when you think before you post anything on social media. Remind yourself that the legal battle will not last forever.

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