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A Christian Radio Network Stands Powerless To Social Media Hackers. But Why?
A Christian Radio Network Stands Powerless To Social Media Hackers. But Why?

Facebook doesn’t have any customers.

Meta, a massive social media company, is instead an ocean filled with noise where people try to survive and swim on their own.

You can’t actually reach a human being to talk about your account or request tech support. There’s no recourse if your account is hacked, leaving you powerless and helpless. You can only search Google for outdated and vague support information.

An example of this is a huge Christian radio network.

Hackers hacked into Air1’s social media accounts a few months back. The account has nearly 500,000 followers. Air1 is heard by local stations across the United States. Air1 is a regular program that features Christian worship music. One report in 2019 stated that Air1 was being listened to by as many as 4 million people. But, this number could be higher as it has been updated since 2019.

Hackers began posting clickbait links almost instantly. Many of them are gossip-filled and salacious. What used to be home to Christian artist livestreams like Phil Wickham, Hillsong United, or Hillsong United, has suddenly become home to Will Smith posts, as well as Paris Hilton and medical complications gone wrong.

K-LOVE, a Christian radio station called K-LOVE, was also hacked December 26, the day after Christmas. The number of Facebook followers is close to 2.5 million. However, hackers have so far not uploaded any content to this feed.

I reached out directly to Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Educational Media Foundation which is responsible for K-LOVE and Air1 respectively. Neither replied immediately. It’s obvious the hackers took over the parent company account on Facebook, which gave them access to both Air1 and K-LOVE social feeds. Hackers are not posting to their Instagram accounts.

I am curious about the possibility of this happening and how individuals and companies can restore accounts following a hack. I’ve told the story before about how my own Twitter account was hacked once, and there’s a helpless feeling you have when your security is compromised in that way.

Because Meta is such a mega-corporation and insulates themselves from people who use the platform, it’s impossible to find real solutions to problems. The “customer” of Meta is obviously the advertisers who pay millions and millions of dollars to reach the end users and track their behavior. For anyone who has signed up to place an ad on Facebook or other social media platforms, you know there’s always someone available to answer questions and guide you through ad placements.

This free network shows how real value it provides. We’re completely on our own, because we are not paying for anything. Even for a radio network with three millions followers (that’s both Air1 and K-LOVE combined), it doesn’t seem to matter. The problem is not going away; they don’t know how to fix it.

Meta must provide customer service and treat their customers as real customers. It is obvious that this hack has a negative impact on the Air1 or K-LOVE brands. The account hacker is frequently questioned by commenters, who continue to ask why Air1 posted these viral links. It’s possible many of them have picked another radio station.

Facebook, do you know about this issue?

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