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Advanced Tactics to Promote Your Brand Over Social Media
Advanced Tactics to Promote Your Brand Over Social Media

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have prioritized posts by friends and families in user news feeds. Organic reach over Facebook had already been in decline since 2014, but Facebook’s latest algorithm change comes as a near death knell to organic social media marketing.

Of course, other platforms do exist, but Twitter is primarily a young person’s platform and 70% of Pinterest users are female. Finding the right platforms to market your content is only the first step. Actually reaching those customers over said platforms is much more difficult.

The old ways of sharing your content and letting it accrue shares naturally are gone. This is why we’ve outlined five advanced tactics that are sure to yield your brand greater reach and engagement over any social media platform.

Targeted Sharing

This is by far my favorite method for curating conversation over social media and getting your content in front of a large audience. There are few ways to conduct targeted sharing:

    • Tag a thought leader/influencer in a post snippet who would find interest in your content
    • Attribute a quote in your snippet to a thought leader and then tag them
    • Post content in community forums or on thought leader posts

Using these strategies, you can add authority to your posts and even begin a conversation over a topic in your industry with somebody who is respected. It’s the easiest way to get your content visibility in front of a large audience and also increase post engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with an influencer is also a great method to get your content in front a large, loyal audience. Just be sure the reviews of your content are favorable and that you reciprocate by sharing influencer content to your audience. Together you can grow your readership and customer base to massive proportions.

Filtering for Custom Audiences

Never overlook the efficacy of advertising your content or an event your brand is promoting. Use Facebook’s ‘Audience Insights’ or Twitter’s analytics tool to segment your audience by demographics and psychographics and target them with relevant content they are likely to engage with. This is also a great method for simply coming up topics or promotional ideas for content or products.


Have you ever posted a piece of video content that went viral? Well, why not retarget those same users with another piece of relevant content? Why not repurpose that same piece of content into an infographic or video to make it go viral again? Remarketing is a great strategy to nurture researcher intent and maybe even capture a few easy sales by finally convincing those skeptical customers.

Leverage Video

Finally, you should honestly post every piece of content as a video. According to one report, marketers who leveraged video were able to increase their revenue 49% more than marketers who didn’t. Video receives higher engagement over every single social media platform than text content and is in high demand.


Social media marketing is only one piece of the pie as hiring a mobile app developer and investing in email marketing can deliver equal returns. But as social media platforms limit their reach and focus more on the personal side of their experience, brands will have to get more creative to reach their customers and deliver a high return.

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