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AOC Parody Account Removed From Twitter – Likely Just The First Of Many To Come
AOC Parody Account Removed From Twitter – Likely Just The First Of Many To Come

The parody Twitter account of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, which had attracted tens-of-thousands of new followers as well as Elon Musk’s attention was shut down on Friday.

Twitter did not respond to requests from the media for comments.

In recent days the account was in the spotlight after Ocasio Cortez warned followers of the parody Twitter account (@AOCpress).

The New York Democrat “lost’ her blue check verification status earlier this year when Twitter changed its subscription model to Twitter Blue. The “official” Ocasio Cortez account is now verified by a gray tick, as it’s government related.

Musk reacted to the tweet sent by this parody account, which claimed that a congresswoman was in love with him. Musk had previously blocked it.

Rep. (D.-N.Y.), a representative from New York, called the fake account out in a tweet, saying, “FYI, there is phony account here that impersonates me and has gone viral.” The CEO of Twitter has taken action to increase its visibility. This group releases false policy statements, and is becoming more widespread. My team and I are evaluating how we can move forward. Be careful with what you are seeing in the meantime.

AOC Accounts that are “verified” but not real

The fact that the fake AOC account had been “verified” – even as it was noted to be a parody – likely confused some users on the social media service. This New York politician is not the first high-profile individual to have to contend with a false account that spreads misinformation through Twitter or another platform.

John Hale warns that cyber attacks will continue to increase, and not just because the technology is better. They have also become more successful, thanks to this new terrain.

Hale added, “These attacks target our brains and not the silicon or computer software.” “They are technology-resilient, exploiting the weakest link in the chain – the human, which at any moment can be inattentive to or ignorant of prevalent threats.”

This type of attack has already been adapted to the new technology environments.

Elon’s tinkering on Twitter, which has only been disastrous, is the one to blame. Musk has a great track record in building rockets and automobiles, but is way outside his comfort zone when it comes to social media,” James Bailey said. Professor of Leadership at George Washington University School of Business.

New Technologies Will Mean Bigger Problems

This week, it may have been just tweets from a fake account – but technology, including adaptive AI (artificial intelligence) and DeepFakes – will only make the program much worse.

The same technology which allows access to your account by clicking a checkbox that states ‘I’m not a bot’, is today’s equivalent of hacking. AI programs, such as ChatGPT, are so widely known that they may just as well be con games like princes asking for funds,” said Bailey. AI has become a problem for people like AOC and other public figures.

Bailey added, “As always, consumers as well as social media users must be vigilant.”

Bailey noted that “if George Will refers to someone as an undisciplined moron, who is immoral, greedy, and abusive on Twitter, then we are pretty certain he did not say it.”

The technology is making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, particularly after the blue check proved to be a meaningless verification method this week.

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