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Artificial Intelligence Will Help Social Media Radically Evolve In 2023
Artificial Intelligence Will Help Social Media Radically Evolve In 2023

Although recent history is not encouraging, Artificial Intelligence may be more practical in 2023.

Twitter is a popular topic for many reasons. Many have claimed that social media has gone extinct. We’re all a little bored with the idea it seems.

But, what I think can save Facebook and Twitter and all other social media apps is major augmentation that makes social media more sustainable and less boring.

That’s right, I’m talking about artificial intelligence.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve all experienced lately.

First, there’s the upright robots running in an open field and climbing stairs. We’re astounded by the incredible feats of engineering that appear so human-like — only to realize it isn’t actually AI. Many of the humanoid demonstrations can be controlled remotely via a human operator.

Amazon Alexa is being criticized for not generating any actual revenue lately. My own experience has been hit or miss lately; the bot sometimes doesn’t work and hasn’t really done anything new in years.

The reality is, those who hope the robot car revolution will happen in their lifetimes are disappointed.

Google, too, is caught up in the robot-funk. For a while, I supported the Google Assistant. My hope was that the voicebot could conduct interviews with us. A while back, I wrote about the possibility that digital avatars might attend our meetings.

The truth is, however, a little less fulfilling. Voice-activated bots are used to create reminders, listen to news and read recipes.

My disillusionment has even made me question my own breathless prognostications about AI changing the world, helping us do our jobs and performing mundane tasks so we don’t have to do them. I wasn’t really on board with the whole “AI worship” concept at the time, but one article started with a line that now seems unlikely, that robots will be smarter than us by 2042.

We are here, yet. There’s an indication that artificial intelligence may be dominant in an unusual place, with social media rising to the top at 2023.

ChatGPT was a great tool for me to create captions on social media. I admitted that I don’t plan to use them, since I prefer to craft the posts myself, but the captions do have viability. For social media managers who write posts all day long, scheduling product promotions or trying to connect with followers, ChatGPT is a useful tool with real-world implications, even if the developers don’t see it that way (they meant it purely as a beta test). That doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about it, though.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my view of professional, business-focused social media meant to promote a brand or a service hinges on two words: consistent quality. What I mean by that is, when you want to use social media for business purposes, don’t aim for a viral post. It is better to post consistently using quality images and great captions. Only those who are diligent win. Posting consistently, in an engaging manner, can help you build an audience and expose your brand to others. This will eventually lead to new customers.

ChatGPT shows how artificial intelligence can help everyone do this in 2023. It is possible to allow an AI to schedule posts. We can see it with apps like Sprout Social, which automatically finds the best time to post.

What I’m talking about is something far more advanced, though.

We’d ask a bot to promote a new product, with no other details. After finding the right apps and choosing the best times for posting, the bot will then choose the best photos, create captions, pick the best images, schedule the posts, and set the timer. We’d sit back and manage the analytics (although an AI could do that for us as well). The social media manager will be more like a market campaign advocate choosing which messages to spread and how they should be promoted.

For everyday posting, we’d ask a bot to maintain our Twitter feed. That’s all we’d have to say. It would review all of our posts since 2010, and then (rather quickly) decide what we should post. It would also be able to identify what we should post. Actually, it works.

It might be already happening in the laboratory or somewhere else; it will become mainstream in 2023. We’ve already seen how ChatGPT makes it possible. The next step is to give AI some broad challenges like “maintain my social” so we don’t have to do it.

Bots can do the majority of our detailed work. This will be a problem for advertisers. These advertisers aren’t selling any products to bots.

AI-enabled, social media will be available sooner than we think. AI will transform the way businesses use social media by 2023. Stay tuned.

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