As Jury Deliberates In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial 'Kenosha' Trends On Social Media - Social Media Explorer
As Jury Deliberates In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial ‘Kenosha’ Trends On Social Media
As Jury Deliberates In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial ‘Kenosha’ Trends On Social Media

As the Kyle Rittenhouse jury was deliberating on Tuesday afternoon, tensions started to rise up at the courthouse. The courthouse steps were rocked by tensions as religious leaders called for peaceful responses regardless of whether the jury made a decision.

The verdict will be announced and some will cheer that justice prevailed, and others will cry out in dismay asking where justice is.Rabi Dena, co-president at Congregations United to Serve Humanity and Beth Hillel Temple, said: Kenosha News. “In these difficult times, faced with deep divisions in society and the reminder of how painfully they raged in this city last year, we worry about our future in the coming hours and days.”

Feingold was joined at the altar by Rev. Jim Lynch of Lakeside Lutheran Church joined Feingold, adding that “there will be people who disagree with any news out of the courthouse.” But these disagreements shouldn’t and can not spill onto the streets.

Social media sentiments were far more negative. With more than 161,000 Twitter mentions, Tuesday’s topic “Kenosha” was very popular. The hashtags #NotGuilty and #KyleRittenhouse were also popular as people voiced opinions about the highly publicized case.

Brendan Gutsenshcwager, an independent reporter (@BGOnTheScene), shared video footage of protestors at the courthouse. He tweeted “If Kenosha doesn’t get it shut it down” chants outside as the Rittenhouse trial is nearing its conclusion in Wisconsin.

Sergio Olmos, @MrOlmos, posted several videos to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon and morning. He noted that there was chanting between Kyle Rittenhouse supporters and Black Lives Matter supporters. However, he added that “very few demonstrators” were present on both sides.

Don Lewis, a noted whistleblower (@DonLew87), was one of those who predicted violence would occur if Rittenhouse was acquitted. He posted, “Inevitable Unrest Coming to Kenosha,” Judge who states that an AR-15 rifle is safe for children under 18. Defense attorney saying that Joseph Rosenbaum died because he was shot by Rittenhouse. “What could possibly go wrong?”

All sides saw the cynicism, while some conservatives suggested that unrest was certain.

“When Kyle Rittenhouse is ACQUITTED watch who sets Kenosha on fire…… Pray for the community because those who claim they want/believe in JUSTICE only really want THEIR WAY!,” wrote podcaster and author Graham Allen (@GrahamAllen_1).

Fox Nation host Tomi Lehren (@TomiLahren), posted, “And, I’m sure that the lovely, mostly peaceful activists’ from Kenosha were stoked that verdict is coming out so near the holiday season. Christmas shopping is a lot less in Biden’s America if you just love it.”

A second video, which was shared widely on Twitter and uploaded by @NodobymrRobert included the arrival of National Guard troops in Kenosha.

As evening set in, it wasn’t clear if a verdict would come in – yet it seems the debate continues on social media.

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“First Punish Rittenhouse, and Any other criminal actorSanders proposed that the people protest on the streets during those dark nights. Sanders suggested that a second, peaceful demonstration is the final American Act. A third peaceful protest takes place on the streets of America. MustOur Constitution and Founding Fathers require it.  

Sanders also said social media can make the situation even worse. You can make it come to life using actions that don’t suppress it. You can bring it to life with actions that don’t suppress it.

Sander’s associate professor of Criminal Justice, University of New Haven, Mike Lawlor said that he was not surprised by the outrage over the matter.

Lawlor said, “It has been obvious for many decades that some gun owners (but not all) felt that the Second Amendment was their individual right with firearms to challenge government when and if necessary.” The Rittenhouse boy is the poster child of such people. The Rittenhouse kid armed himself using a “modern sporting rifle” and formed a militia of one to defend the neighborhood, or at least the way he saw it. Criticisms of Rittenhouse may be seen as challenging Rittenhouse’s right to use their God-given right of taking up arms for the defense of Americanism or their own version of America. Many Americans feel that the armed citizen militia mentality may be moving from an abstract thought to a practical reality. The same sentiments can be seen in the Georgia case of Ahmaud Abery’s murder.

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