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Best Tips for Posting Videos on Instagram
Best Tips for Posting Videos on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible venue for posting videos, promoting your brand, and gaining traction among followers. More than just pictures, it has become one of the hottest sites for posting videos that wow and draw in your target audiences. Here’s how to post videos that keep your fans and followers coming back for more.

Be Specific

The most important thing when planning out a video to go on your IG page is what you want to accomplish. You’re not posting a video merely for fun. There should be a reason why you’re putting it up. Do you want followers to subscribe to your feeds? Do you want them to try your new product? Are you hoping to motivate them to take action? First, define the specific goal of your video, then go from there.

Plan It Out

Once you have your goal in place, your next task is to plan your video from start to finish. You have anywhere from three to sixty seconds to grab your audience and wow them. The first three to four seconds are the most crucial because those seconds are the deciding factors between whether someone will watch or keep on scrolling. When planning your video decide on:

  • Shots
  • Lighting
  • Scripting
  • Story Telling 
  • Messaging

These five elements are crucial to keep your audience engaged. 


When shooting your video, the focus is crucial. No one wants to watch a fuzzy, blurry, or out of focus video. Keep the focus squarely on your object, the model, or the main event. Use your shots to tell a story, not detract from it. Start shooting with a scene that will grab your viewer’s attention. Instagram videos play automatically, so you want to grab a fan from the word ‘go.’ 


You could have the best video anyone has ever seen, but if you have poor lighting, no one will be able to tell what is going on. Lighting is crucial for videos like these. Make every second of your video count, and there shouldn’t be downtime due to poorly lit or dark scenes. If you’re filming a model or a product, always keep the light in front. This positioning helps make sure your viewers will see the person or object rather than shadows. Nothing looks worse than a new product in poor lighting or a person modeling or talking to a viewer bathed in shadows. If you want videos that resemble professional video production companies, proper lighting is essential.


When it comes to writing the script of your video, go back to the reason for your video. Are you trying to motivate? Inspire? Connect? The answer to these questions will determine how you create a script. Depending on what you want to do, decide on how you’ll script your video. Popular options include:

  • Product Features: Demonstrate why your product, brand, or message is unique.
  • Product Showcase: Show your product in-action.
  • Previews: Give a sneak peek at a product that is coming out soon.
  • Behind the Scenes: Showcase some behind the scenes footage when you recorded.
  • Tutorials: Demonstrate how to use a product or complete a project.
  • A Series: Use this to showcase updates, new products, new technology, customer engagement, and more.
  • Time Lapse: Show a product being made, used, or unboxed by speeding up the process to give customers a unique inside look.

Story Telling

Whether you’re shooting a video for ten seconds or a full minute, it’s important to tell a story and keep it consistent throughout. Social media videos are no different. Stick with the primary purpose of your video and be sure every second points to that purpose. No part of your video should be frivolous. Are you revealing a new product? Keep it focused on the product reveal. Are you sharing what makes your product unique? Stick with talking about your product – don’t get off track talking about the “other guys.” Pick your story and stay there.


Don’t skip out on the call to action at the end. Every video should motivate your viewer to do something. Should they follow you? Go to your website? Buy your product? Tell their friend or use your hashtag? Post their own IG video wearing your design? Always include a call to action at the end of your video. If you don’t tell your viewers what you want them to do, you’ll get a “like,” and they’ll keep on scrolling. Tell them what their next step should be, and if you’ve created enough interest and engagement, you’ll have viewers liking, following, telling their friends, and purchasing your new hot-off-the-presses product.

Engage Your Followers

With the right focus, excellent scripting, good lighting, and a compelling story, you’ll create fans, keep the engagement, and have your loyal customers coming back for more. Don’t just create a movie; create a movement. Are you ready to take Instagram by storm?

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