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Burger King Pride Campaign Faces Backlash On Social Media
Burger King Pride Campaign Faces Backlash On Social Media

Burger King Austria has revealed the Pride Whopper, which will go on sale until June 20. This is your standard hamburger sandwich. However, it comes with two equal buns.

While this campaign is only running in Austria, it has attracted attention on social media throughout the world – including the almost expected backlash.

Angelica Gianchandani said that while the ad may be funny to make people smile but it also leaves the door open for interpretation. Angelica Gianchandani was Angelica Gianchandani’s practitioner in residence for brand marketing at Yale University. She is the Executive MBA Programs’ Practitioner. Austrian Pride Month is being promoted with the two-tops-to bottoms campaign (same sex buns). Burger King supports the cause, and will go the extra mile to redesign BK’s flagship hamburger. It is both an investment and a commitment because it causes disruption in the production process. BK will not use rainbow flag wrapping in its U.S. campaign.

Gianchandani said that BK stands behind equal rights and has “good intentions”. BK’s brand isn’t known to be ‘cheeky and smart’ or’smart’. It is intended to be fun, which has caught many customers by surprise.

It even seemed to confuse people on Twitter.

Buzzfeed editor Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) tweeted, “Burger King Austria made a Pride burger that’s either two tops or two bottoms… what in straight hell?”

“Burger King’s new Prime Whopper is now available with either two or three tops. It’s a very strange advertisement. “I’ll have my Whopper on a regular bun, because fast food ordering doesn’t need be a political statement,” Brigitte Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte), author and political commentator tweeted.

While few on social media have actually threatened to boycott Burger King, there has still been a fair amount of negativity over the campaign – but that seems par for the course with any brand today. There can still be bad press, regardless of what public relations experts have long claimed.

“I have never believed in that old clichéd statement that there is no such thing as bad press,” said Scott Talan, assistant professor of communication at the American University.

Talen stated, “What we have seen is that every company’s ad campaigns are certainly scrutinized by social media.” While you might believe that your products are the greatest thing since sliced bread is possible, consumers care more about your brand than ever before. Your brand is more important than your products or services.

It is unlikely anyone will forego their Whopper fix this summer, yet a regional campaign has garnered international attention – and could impact the American market.

Talen stated, “The issue is how many people could be offended” and the extent of their offendedness. This is the real question: Will this increase brand loyalty and attract more customers, or will it cause a decrease in regular customers?

Companies are increasingly being subject to scrutiny. This is especially true in an era when anyone can take offense. It can alienate some to not acknowledge holidays or other occurrences, and others may find it offensive to play to niche markets.

Talen stated that “With this advertising campaign, I am not sure if Burger King actually knew how this would play out.” While conservatives might be offended by the idea, others wouldn’t mind a restaurant opening with a large cross at its window.

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