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‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Offered Apology On Social Media
‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Offered Apology On Social Media

Social media has certainly captured some individuals at their absolute worst—and a result; it can be very hard to live down the bad behavior.

Tiffany Gomas, the 38-year-old marketing executive from Texas who became infamous on social media last month after she urged the flight crew to let her off an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando, has certainly learned that the hard way. This week she issued an ostensibly heartfelt apology, which she also shared to social media.

However, the 2:15 minute video, which has been seen some 21 million times, has received much mockery, with some questioning her actions as well as the validity of the apology.

And in an almost ironic twist to the bizarre tale, some users are now making the claim they don’t believe the video recorded and posted by @Tiffany_Gomas is actually the same person who went viral for her unhinged rant, in which she directed unsolicited advice to the passengers on the flight stating, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f—- off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f—- off and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it.”

Gomas went on to suggest “that motherf—-er back there is not real,” although even now it remains wholly unclear who exactly she was referring to before she was allowed to exit the plane.

Gomas Offered An Apology, But Little Explanation

In the newly posted video, the marketing executive stated, “First and foremost, I want to take full accountability for my actions. They were completely unacceptable. Distressed or not … I should have been in control of my emotions. And that was not the case.”

As she attempted to hold back tears, Gomas added, “We all have our bad moments, some far worse than others. And mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times.”

She directly acknowledged the memes that have been directed at her.

“It has been really comical for everyone and I have highly enjoyed so many of the memes,” she said. “On the flip side, it is very invasive and unkind, and I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of my friends and family. I hope that I can use this experience and do a little bit of good in the world, and that is what I intend to do. I hope that you guys can accept my apology and I can begin to move on with my life.”

It certainly would seem to be an authentic apology, but not everyone is convinced and possibly for good reason.

Lots Of New Followers And A New YouTube Channel

What is also notable about the apology posted to YouTube on Sunday is that it is from a Twitter Blue account that was only activated in July, while the only tweets seem to be the video.

However, it has already amassed more than 107,400+ followers. Clearly many are simply eager to see what she’ll do next. In addition, @TiffanyGomas joined YouTube on August 9, where she has also posted exactly one video.

Perhaps those on Twitter who are suggesting that the Tiffany Gomas who disrupted the flight last month and the woman who posted the video on Sunday are correct in their assessment that it is not in fact the same person.

It does seem odd that a “marketing executive” wouldn’t have a Twitter account—or feel the need to pay for a verified account to post a single video.

As SME.com contributor Matt Novak reported last month, another viral video about “Lizard-Like Airline Passenger” was just part of an elaborate hoax. What we’re seeing now certainly has a similar feel to it.

At this point, perhaps we’d all like to see the real Tiffany Gomez stand up… and please tell us what this is all about!

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