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There is no specific time in any part of your age to get smart, active, and attractive, says Dr Jay Feldman. Every time is a good time to get a good start. The more weight you lose, the healthier and more attractive you will appear. Here, one thing should be remembered staying fit and healthy does not mean being skinny or underweight. Being fit means maintaining a healthy weight and a well-shaped body. In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can lose weight by staying at home and following certain tips by Dr Jay Feldman and tricks to stay healthy and fit while maintaining a balanced weight that suits your body shape.

What to refrain from and what to eat?

The basic question anyone can get in his/her mind while getting on a diet is what they can get and what they should refrain from. The answer to this question is that you can eat everything you like. There are two ways to control your weight.

You can maintain a strict diet and can have a cheat day. Dr Jay Feldman, you can have all the snacks and foods you like in unlimited quantities as eating a lot in one day does not affect your body at all.


 The second one is the changing of life habits. This means that you can eat everything in small portions. The food and taste you like will never bother you as you will not change your diet routine and daily eating schedule at all. All you will have to do is to reduce the portion to half.

Saying all that may seem simple but there are certain complications in that regard, says Dr Jay Feldman. The first issue is that not all body types are the same. Everybody requires a different diet as well as an exercise plan to get in shape. Sticking to a diet plan for many people is not a good idea as everyone has different places in the body for fat accumulation.


According to health physicians and nutritionists, the calorie-deficient method is still sensible. As long-term habits eventually change the weight and shape of the body. If we talk deeply about the calorie-deficient method, the researchers have suggested some good and bad calories. For a common person, it is not that simple to differentiate between the two and maintain a healthy difference between these two extremes. The debate about the quantity and measurement of calorie intake is still unsolved.

If we talk particularly about sugar intake, we can still have questions like how much quantity of sugar can be regarded as safe. What kind of sugar intake is recommended? If people take white/ refined sugar then how much quantity is good for health the same is the question for brown sugar. Obesity is another debatable topic in this regard.


The proper method of diet can better be explained by a healthcare physician, nutritionist, or gym instructor. As well as a DNA test to properly describe the type of food you can have to get a properly shaped body.

Instead of making things confusing, we can tell some simple tips and tricks that can help you to get into shape without proper check-ups and a team of fitness professionals. The first thing by Dr Jay Feldman you can avoid in this regard is the debate of what to eat. How to eat rather you can change your life and eating routine which can be an effective point in losing weight.

Change the perspective to weight loss

The changing of perspective has a lot more to do with your eating habits. In the following lines, we will illustrate a few suggestions. Another thing to keep in mind in this scenario is that; people with specific medical conditions have to watch their routine and prohibited foods by doctors. Many diet routines have ingredients that create allergies or allergic reactions in many people which lead to severe circumstances. Before following a diet plan, you should always go through your body type so that the diet routine may not make harmful changes in your body. The tips for changing the weight loss perspective are the following:

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