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Ed Sheeran Returns To Social Media In Advance Of North American Tour
Ed Sheeran Returns To Social Media In Advance Of North American Tour

Many reports suggest that excessive use of social media should be stopped. But Ed Sheeran, a UK pop singer announced his return to the scene with an Instagram candid video. The “Bad Habits” hitmaker had been essentially in “radio silence” on the platform for more than two months – while he had posted infrequently even before then.

Now that the singer is back, he promised to engage more with his fans.

The 31-year old singer admitted that he hasn’t been as active on social media over the past two years. He also shared the message to his 42,000,000 followers.

Sheeran did not stop posting to his followers for the first time, explaining that there were more. He admitted to having “some chaotic things” going on in his private life. Therefore, he felt the need to have a longer vacation.

Sheeran wrote that “I didn’t feel like being online pretending I was something when I wasn’t feeling like it.” “I know that sounds weird, but hence I’m making this video to say things are looking up and I’m back online.”

The Perfect Time for Your Return

It could be noted that his return comes just months in advance of the North American leg of his +–=÷× Tour (pronounced as the Mathematics Tour), which is slated to begin in May. Sheeran, who had been on hiatus for three years following the record-breaking The Divide Tour tour, was back at Billboard’s Top Ticket Sales charts after playing in front of more than 3 million European fans last year.

He doesn’t likely want to lose out on the audience anticipation by not being present on social media.

Scott Steinberg, a social media expert and brand marketing specialist said that Instagram is proving to be a powerful tool for marketing celebrities.

Steinberg stated that “At a time when they have to be careful about what they say, it can also cause them to lose their confidence.” It is not unusual for A-listers and celebrities to take a break from their work. This is similar to taking a sabbatical. It can be necessary as A-listers are constantly updating their blogs day in, day out.

Susan Schreiner from C4 Trends, an analyst in the technology industry suggested another question: what celebrity fans owe them? This includes social media posting.

“Fans and celebrities have a symbiotic relationship – but sometimes fans live vicariously through their favorites and ‘forget’ that these celebrities are also humans who might have a personal life off-screen that is private, Schreiner added.

Take a break

Sheeran isn’t the first celeb to quit social media. Tom Holland, who declared to social media fans last August that it was detrimental to his mental health, quit the platform.

The “Perfect” singer is on his latest social media hiatus. He took a break after 2015’s X World Tour and again in 2019, following his Divide Tour.

It seems that Sheeran will be returning to the stage before a tour leg.

“In Sheeran’s case while he has an engaged base – he’s done this over the past several years towards the end of the year although this year it extended a few extra months,” said Schreiner. “Accordingly, he and his fans have a mutual understanding or ‘contract’ – since they still follow.”

Sheeran could have returned to show authenticity and respect his fans. His Instagram post was honest, showing that he had been going through some difficult times in his personal life.

Schreiner stated that Sheeran’s return may be an example where a celebrity walks a fine line, saying “I’m returning, but I needed time to recover from stuff in my private life,”. “Sometimes even celebrities need to take a break – but fan loyalty and acceptance might depend on their relationship with their followers.”

Enjoy a holiday with social media

The fact that Sheeran went on radio silence over the recent holidays is also notable – as some celebrities use the time of goodwill and cheer to connect with fans.

Steinberg said that the holidays can be a great marketing time for music. However, Sheeran probably felt like he was not missing anything by taking a vacation. It probably limited his marketing potential. However, we all need to take a break during the holidays. We can often feel more refreshed. He could be refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

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