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Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Delivered Bad News About Twitter’s Engagement: Report
Elon Musk Fires Engineer Who Delivered Bad News About Twitter’s Engagement: Report

In recent months, Twitter accounts that have large followings have seen a decline in user engagement. Musk stated that he will investigate the issue and make recommendations to his users. But it sounds like Musk didn’t get the answer he wanted, even firing an engineer who gave the billionaire bad news about engagement on the site, according to a new report from tech news site Platformer.

“They’ve screwed up the algorithms so much on @Twitter that everyone is completely invisible and engagements are almost down to nothing. It’s almost not worth being on here anymore,” conservative commentator Catturd2 tweeted late last month.

“This shouldn’t be hard. Take the F-king algorithms and shadowbans off so we can see each other!” Catturd2 continued.

Musk reportedly gathered engineers into a meeting on Tuesday to address this issue, according to Platformer, and Musk asked what was going on, calling the problem “ridiculous.”

“I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions,” Musk reportedly said.

But the engineers didn’t know what to tell him. They had apparently looked at the data and couldn’t find any technical reason why engagement was way down for big accounts. A senior engineer suggested that people had grown tired of all the drama surrounding Musk during his first two months as Twitter’s owner. Musk bought the company in late October 2022 for $44 billion and seemed to make news every day during that tumultuous period—whether it was firing thousands of staff, trying to coax some staff back after realizing he needed them, or even getting viciously booed at a Dave Chappelle comedy show by a Bay Area crowd.

The engineers even showed how Musk’s name had dropped in the Google Trends rankings, peaking last year, and now dwindling as the public grew tired of the billionaire’s antics, according to Platformer. However, Musk wasn’t happy with this response. That must have been the algorithm. It was impossible to imagine any other reason.

Musk is a man who seems only to want millions of admirers and fired him on the spot according to Platformer.

Maybe employees at Twitter will learn their lessons. You can bet the next person that Musk poses a question to will come up with an answer that pleases the CEO, even if it’s a lie. It seems that their job depends on it.

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