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Elon Musk Has Outfitted Twitter’s Headquarters With Bedrooms For Employees
Elon Musk Has Outfitted Twitter’s Headquarters With Bedrooms For Employees

According to two sources, several rooms within the office were converted into sleeping areas.

Elon Musk’s “extremely hardcore” vision for Twitter seems to have manifested itself in conference-room sleeping quarters reminiscent of sad hotel rooms at the company’s recently depopulated headquarters.

On Monday, employees returning to work at the company’s San Francisco location were greeted by modest bedrooms featuring unmade mattresses, drab curtains and giant conference-room telepresence monitors — a significant upgrade over the Therm-a-Rest+sleeping bag situation showcasedBy one Twitter employee on November. A room even contains a plant.

Photo of the one-bedroom converted room shared by SMEIt featured bright orange carpeting and an oak bedside table. The queen size bed was complete with two desk armchairs and a table lamp.

One source said that no announcement or context was provided to employees, and presumed that the beds are for remaining “hardcore” staffers to be able to stay overnight at the office. “It’s not a good look,” they said. “It’s yet another unspoken sign of disrespect. It’s not up for discussion. Just like, beds showed up.”

Last month, CEO Elon Musk gave the thousands of employees that remained with the company the opportunity to leave or remain on the condition that they work intensely under the so-called “Twitter 2.0.” Since he took over as owner and CEO, Musk has fired at least half of Twitter’s employees, and more have left of their own volition.

Although it is unclear how many of these bedroom pods are actually in existence, the source and identity are not. SME is withholding over fear of reprisal, speculated that there were maybe “four to eight per floor,” adding “they look comfortable.”

A second source, who also requested anonymity, said that the majority of rooms on one floor were empty. They noted that there was trash in one room’s trash can, which made it seem like someone had stayed there. “People are already putting in late nights, so it makes sense to an extent,” the source said.

Many ex-employees are upset that the company is not honoring severance agreements and have started bringing lawsuits against Twitter. Musk is also frustrating contract workers: Monday saw janitors protest outside of the office after their contract was terminated with Twitter.

Musk posted in mid-November that he was going to be working. sleeping at the corporate offices along Market Street “until the org is fixed.” However, that tweet has since been deleted.

Musk has previously claimed to have slept at company properties before – he once tweeted about “sleeping at factory” in 2018, referring to the Tesla factory in nearby Fremont, Calif.

Twitter’s CEO did not respond to a request for comment, nor did its communications department, which appears to have been completely disbanded since Musk’s takeover.

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