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Elon Musk Paints Over ‘W’ On Twitter Sign At San Francisco HQ
Elon Musk Paints Over ‘W’ On Twitter Sign At San Francisco HQ

When a photo appeared online last week showing the ‘W’ covered up on the sign outside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, many assumed it was a photoshopped image. But CEO Elon Musk appears to have confirmed it was real on Sunday night and he’d like Twitter to be known as “Titter”—presumably a joke about breasts.

“Our landlord at SF HQ says we’re legally required to keep sign as Twitter & cannot remove ‘w’, so we painted it background color. Problem solved!” Musk tweeted on Sunday with a photo of the sign.

Musk has previously made jokes about calling Twitter by “Titter,” even taking a poll back in April 2022 asking his followers if the company should be renamed. Musk didn’t own the company at that point, but was starting to make moves to acquire the social media platform.

Musk is still controversial even though he purchased the company in Oct 2022. He first laid off thousands and then made changes to Twitter that he considered liberating. Musk, however, has been criticized by some for making the website more difficult and threatening advertisers.

According to emails leaked by anonymous advertisers, the billionaire businessman is now somewhat outcast. Private messages revealed that several executive are nervous about speaking with Musk at an upcoming conference. Musk will be the big event at the Possible Conference, Miami this month.

Advertisers are afraid to see Musk because of his racism allegations, particularly after Scott Adams was defended by him after Dilbert’s cartoonist advocated for racial separation. But it seems just as likely that Musk’s childish antics—including but not limited to jokes like the “Titter” sign—also feed into that desire for some major brands to distance themselves from Musk.

Twitter responded to questions emailed on Sunday with a poop emoji—an automated response sent to all reporters that was set up by Musk. It’s a mystery why people might be embarrassed to be in the same room as Musk. Musk is only 51 but his sense of humor is the same as that of a small child.

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