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George Rutler is the pastor of a New York church called St. Michael the Archangel. He is a pastor as well as an author of many books, including a book of hymns. He has authored books such as Grace and Truth and The Stories of Hymns. The pastor’s book The Stories Of Hymns is considered to have the top 100 of Christianity’s greatest hymns of all times in it. Hymns are not just a piece of beautiful music, but they teach individuals how to worship, praise, and connect with God. Hymns are also a way of speaking to God while praising him at the same time. Writers and composers have said that hymns can be considered poetry in a music form. He can also bring on the Holy Spirit when individuals are entranced.

In the book, The Stories Of Hymns, these hymns are needed to help individuals develop a better relationship with Jesus Christ through music. Hymns help individuals become closer to Him because the songs are very different and the vocabulary used in the songs are unique. The hymns found in his book The Stories Of Hymns can be traced back to begin written in the Catholic Church’s early years. When you read the hymns’ stories, each one of the hymns has a history behind it. The book details who wrote, composed and any historical events attached to the hymn. 

Father Rutler’s work in his book is truly inspirational and will impact millions of people globally. A book like this is truly needed for individuals, especially when they are in a time of turmoil in their lives and need something that can help uplift them and bring them close to the Lord Jesus Christ and God. He has genuinely uncovered a legacy of music that can help individuals praise and worship God.

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