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Celebrity Endorsements one click away with Silicon Valley Startup, FamePick
Celebrity Endorsements one click away with Silicon Valley Startup, FamePick

The celebrity endorsement industry enjoys over 100 years of success in traditional forms of media such as TV, radio, and print. However, it’s clear that the media landscape is changing. Companies are straying from traditional channels and spending more on digital and social media marketing – so much more in fact that digital ad spend is projected to exceed traditional ad spend by the end of this year.

One company planning to disrupt this traditional endorsement model is FamePick, a two year old Silicon Valley startup. The team is enjoying early success migrating traditional marketing methods to the world of social media. They’re bringing a platform to the influencer marketing industry that rises above the rest.

Any brand would love a celebrity to sponsor their product or service – but the complicated process of contacting talents’ representatives, negotiating price and terms, and navigating unclear  rules of engagement, makes it difficult for all but the most connected companies to sign partnerships.

FamePick provides a solution. Their platform offers a searchable celebrity portal, which includes dozens of A-list celebrities, and is sortable by said celebrities’, fan demographics, audience engagement, and brand affinities. This empowers brands big and small to find and book the celebrities best aligned with their target audiences and brand image. Furthermore, brands can build the type of campaign they’re looking for in the portal’s user interface. For example: A 60 day partnership with a fitness celebrity, including two custom photos of that celebrity using their product and advertising access (ability to ship targeted ads created by a brand’s marketing team from celebrity social media accounts) to the celebrity’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Once brands find the celebrity they want for their sponsored ad campaigns, and submit a campaign request, FamePick takes care of the rest. Pricing is pre-negotiated in the case of each celebrity, so contracts can be generated and executed and campaigns launched with quick turnaround but not at the expense of clarity.

FamePick’s celebrity portal boasts 1000+ celebrities across a wide range of industries, from fitness influencers to lifestyle bloggers, A-List Hollywood stars to professional athletes. One need only look to their collaboration between The Hills actress Audrina Patridge and NurtureLife, or a recent campaign with Transformers’ Josh Duhamel and mobile gaming company NetMarble — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DikS2OQWFOo

FamePick saw tremendous growth within just two years, but they’re just getting started. CEO Henry Oh states, “We’re not resting on laurels by a mile. We’re going to make influencer matching and selection even more intuitive and blend in some self-serve elements to our platform. Definitely stay tuned”. They recently closed a seed round of $1.5M from Mirae Assets and DVP, as well as angel investors JB Lee (Co- Founder of Kakao), Kihyun Jung (Chief Business Officer at Line), and Kai Huang (Co-Creator of Guitar Hero), so be on the lookout for an expanded client portal and evolved platform in the near future.

Interested in transforming your influencer marketing? Check out FamePick here.

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