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Get Your E-Commerce Site in Top Shape for Holiday Season
Get Your E-Commerce Site in Top Shape for Holiday Season

Increasing page views and the number of sales you are able to generate on your e-commerce site throughout the holiday season is possible with the right optimization techniques. Knowing how to attract new visitors and appeal to your audience is essential to outperform your competition while providing incentives to your followers to make a purchase. With the right optimization tactics, drastically increase your web traffic while improving your e-commerce site’s rankings within today’s top search engines.

Research Trending Keywords and Phrases in Your Niche

As the holidays begin to approach, research trending keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your niche. If you want to promote a new or trending product, use tools such as Google Trends to discover which keywords and phrases are being utilized most on search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo!. Keep track of trending keywords and make necessary changes to product updates, descriptions, and new campaigns you plan to launch using 3rd party ad servers and social media platforms.

Consider Popular Shopping Days

While preparing for the upcoming holiday season, begin researching the most popular shopping days to better prepare for sales and promotions with your e-commerce site. Knowing which dates are the most popular for online shopping is essential when you plan to launch ad campaigns and promotions for discounts, freebies, and promotions. Use a virtual calendar to keep track of the top shopping days to plan your campaigns and marketing strategies accordingly.

Update Broken Links

Use a broken link checker to ensure your website is accessible without any issue. Test all areas of your website using multiple browsers and various smartphone browsers to verify your shopping cart area and product pages load properly. Create a 404 page that redirects shoppers to your homepage or the previous page they were browsing. Implement a newsletter call to action within your 404 page to increase engagement while building your email list for the holiday season.

Use a Landing Page Builder

Show some love for your landing pages – for example, build holiday-themed pages that are relevant to your website and resonate best with your intended audience. Designated landing pages that revolve around the holidays help push sales while incentivizing users to make a purchase. Provide discount codes that are only valid for a limited amount of time for users with each individual landing page you create to boost the revenue you are able to generate.

Consistency is Key With Social Media

Create a holiday posting calendar and schedule for the upcoming holidays on your social media pages. Consistency is key with social media, and especially during the holiday shopping season. Plan posts and updates ahead of time with graphics, messaging, and headers in place. Test posts as the holiday season approaches with AB testing and with Facebook sponsored posts to discover which type of messaging your audience responds to best. Answer inquiries and respond to comments to increase the amount of engagement each of your updates receives whenever you are sharing new content or promoting products and services using any social media platform of your choice.

Use Visuals and Video Media to Your Advantage

Use graphic imagery including professional photography, graphics, infographics, and even video media to your advantage during the holidays. Users respond best to quick graphics that include relevant information or intriguing punchlines. Visual media is imperative when you want to maximize your appeal with your target audience. Captivate users with holiday-themed animations and short videos to maintain their attention while intriguing them to learn more about your business and the products or services you have to offer. Include exclusive discount or promotional codes to encourage users to visit your official website and browse your current products.

Launch Holiday Promotions and Special Newsletters

Launch holiday promotions within your current newsletters and share holiday exclusive newsletters signups on social media and on individual landing pages you have on your e-commerce site. Entice users to sign up for your newsletter by offering discount codes or free promotional items as rewards.

Optimizing your e-commerce site just in time for the holidays is a great way to increase search engine traffic while keeping your loyal shoppers and visitors coming back for more. With the right tweaks and updates, ensure you maximize your online reach while gaining as much traction for your brand online as possible.

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