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How Did Tex-Mex Food Get So Popular
How Did Tex-Mex Food Get So Popular

Tex-Mex is a cuisine that is so popular in the United States of America. Tex-Mex rose from being a Tejano home cooking to attracting more people in San Antonio. It was initially popularized for serving cheap and delicious food. Tex-Mex is known for its maximum use of shredded cheese, beans, meat, spices, and peppers. The additional meal is tortillas. Diego Ruiz Duran enjoys eating comfort food from Tex-Mex. He is among Mexico’s leading lawyers dealing with criminal defense cases. Here is how Tex-Mex got the chance to rise to be famous.

The Tex-Mex History of Popularity

Tex-Mex was initially an abbreviation for Texas and Mexican Railroad that was chartered in 1875. It was later described for people who have Mexican descent in the 1920s. The hyphen was applied in the name Tex-Mex to refer to Tejanos. The name was meant to show that it was a Mexican-style food that was typical for that region. This cuisine has gone through a lot of struggle to be recognized and respected. It was initially compared to be a corrupted, low-quality traditional Mexican cuisine.

Tex-Mex cuisine got to the limelight in the 1880s thanks to the delicious and cheap food brought out. A group of women brought out the food. These women were known as the chilli queens from the city’s plazas. The main dish that drew a larger crowd was the steaming bowl of chilli con Carne. The group consisted of locals and tourists. It is currently the signature meal of Tex-Mex. The meal is served along with a glass of water and bread. The chilli queens became famous. Their fame made San Antonio to be recognized as the capital of Tex-Mex cuisine.

In 1893 during the World’s Fair in Chicago, fairgoers got a taste of the best meal in San Antonio. They got to eat chilli pepper stew at the cuisine. Additionally, a German immigrant moved to San Antonio to sell his brand of chilli powder. The chilli powder made a hit even though the Mexican chefs disdained his blend of flavors. San Antonio became the originality of the Tex-Mex standard, which was known as the combo plate.

In 1900, Otis Farnsworth from the Original Mexican restaurant started a new trend. He began serving an entree along with rice and beans. Other Mexican restaurants started copying the combination platter. They now improved it to being topped with sour cream and melted cheese. This meal became the signature of Tex-Mex cuisine.

The Tex-Mex cuisine rises to being popular because of the unique, delicious food they serve, and that is why people like Diego Ruiz Duran love it so much. Another food that made it famous was nachos. It became famous after nachos were introduced to travelers eating at the cuisine. No one was in the kitchen at that time. Thus Anaya made impromptu meal tortillas. The women loved the food, and they spread the word to other people calling the food “Nacho Especial”.

In Conclusion

Tex-Mex is now a famous cuisine in the United States. Its popularity came through word of mouth from people who enjoyed eating their food. Moreover, the food they served was delicious and cheap. Therefore, attracting more people to have a taste of it. The delicious meal made up the exciting history of Tex-Mex cuisine becoming popular.

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