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Instarabbit Review: Does it really boost your Instagram engagement?
Instarabbit Review: Does it really boost your Instagram engagement?

Today I am going to talk about Instarabbit, the Instagram growth service that recently made a grand entrance to the market. Instarabbit claims to be the only service which still works after so many Instagram automated growth services became obsolete due Instagram’s major algorithm updates in 2019. 

The main feature Instarabbit focuses on is boosting Instagram engagement by providing automated Instagram pods. It helps communities of Instagram users to join engagement groups and when in they have joined, they will automatically like each other’s posts.

I have been using InstaRabbit for three months now, and I will share my experience with it. In this review I’ll go over the features, the pricing structures, its strengths and weaknesses, so that you could form your own opinion about this growth service. 

So let’s dive in. 

  • InstaRabbit: First glance

InstaRabbit claims to give customers a dedicated assistant for managing and growing their accounts: 

“Grow your Instagram organically with a dedicated account manager by your side and get more and more followers and engagement.”

When you look a little more into how it actually works, it’s very clear that Instarabbit performs four services:

  1. Follower growth
  2. Increasing your reach
  3. Increasing engagement (focus on Instagram likes) in a short time period after sharing a post (Golden hour)
  4. Schedules posts tool (free)

In the next topic we’ll delve into Instarabbit’s features. 

  • InstaRabbit  features
  • Instagram pods: Instagram pods are engagement groups which businesses and influencers join and within them they engage with each other’s posts. The power of pods is to gather a community in your niche to get effective likes and comments.

Instarabbit provides an automated version of pods. You will be put in engagement pods with other real users who will like your posts in a short time after sharing them. These golden hour likes will increase engagement on your post, in turn signaling the Instagram algorithm that it is an interesting post and eventually it would lead to your post going viral and hitting the explore page. I will explain my experience of going viral in the next sections.

  • Follower growth: 

You will be assigned a personal account manager that helps you grow your Instagram. The account manager follows or unfollows users in your niche, likes your targeted audience’s posts, views stories and practically interacts with other users on your behalf. This helps you get more reach and followers in return.

  • Free schedule post:

In this service you also have the option of scheduling your post for some time in the future. This feature is actually available for free for all customers. 

  • Repost feature:

Instarabbit provides another feature for posting on your IG which can be very useful for finding inspiration and also finding the best feeds in your niche. You enter the username or hashtag you want to repost from and a list of feeds came up to choose. You can repost these posts or edit them and then post to your feed.

The cool thing is that both schedule and repost features are totally free.

Instarabbit schedule post
  • Pricing

The cool thing about InstaRabbit is that you may only pay for the parts of their service that you want to use.

It has four subscription models; weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. And there are three packages for all subscription models: follower growth, engagement growth, or the VIP growth. 

I have subscribed for the monthly service and I bought the VIP package. The key feature of the VIP package is having access to the expertise of a social media specialist. You will have an account manager if you choose the follower growth package too. But in the VIP plan the manager will analyze your target audience behavior, your competitors’ followers and your accounts insights, and will provide you with useful strategies to improve your content and adjust your schedule, so you get the most engagement from your followers. 

As usual, longer plans have lower prices per month and will be more economic. 

Instarabbit pricing

Start working with InstaRabbit

  • Easy sign up

To get started on InstaRabbit all you need to do is to click “login” or “try for free” at the top right corner of the website. Then you need to enter an Email and choose a password for your account. Your email address needs to be verified and after that you will be all set.

  • Add your IG account

It is really easy. All you have to do is click on the big “” button to add your Instagram account. Then you need to write a brief description of your account. Things like what’s your account about? What do you offer to your audience? In which niche do you categorize yourself? 

The items you need to fill in are:

  • The category of your profile
  • Your sub category
  • Relevant hashtags to your business or brand,
  • Similar users in your niche who have a similar audience
  • Your target location

I didn’t put that much thought into adding a description or the hashtags. I just wrote whatever came to mind at the first try. Later me and my account manager would add things, and if they turned out not to be effective, we would remove them. 

After all it is an ongoing and dynamic effort and your account manager will help you optimize the process during your subscription period.

The video that is attached in the email, will be inserted here.

  • The result I achieved from InstaRabbit after 3 months

I tried InstaRabbit on one of my accounts which is for a small business I own. I had this account for years, but since I hadn’t been very active in that account, its followers were limited to my friends and family. 

So I went with the VIP plan right off the bat. Because I wanted both the engagement and the follower growth and also the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing. 

When I started I had 294 followers, and as I mentioned I wasn’t that active in making posts and creating content. I was posting every other week or every month, whenever I felt like it, and I would get around 80-90 likes on each post. 

After setting up the InstaRabbit account, I posted on a daily basis and everyday around the same time, because my account manager had tested and figured out the best times for optimal engagement. And I was getting about 300 likes for the post after one to two hours from posting.

But after a few times I had drawn so much attention to my account that after a month I gained more than 500 followers, which was the number I had been promised by InstaRabbit. 

After three months of using this service, and listening to my account manager’s advices on my content strategy and making some changes and improvements, I now have over 2300 followers and more orders than I can handle and now I’m actually thinking of hiring an account manager!  

Here I present some statistics of what was my experience before and after using this service. The graphs come from my dashboard in the Instarabbit panel: 

Before InstaRabbitAfter 3 months of InstaRabbit 
Frequency of postsEvery other weekdaily
Timing of postsWhenever I felt like itSame time everyday
Followers count2942363
Likes count80-90More than 300

Follower growth count

Follower growth statics, Instarabbit

Engagement growth report

Engagement growth statics, Instarabbit
  • InstaRabbit’s support service is what sets it apart

In the course of these three months, I barely had any difficulties regarding InstaRabbit’s service. However, the one time I had question about how to target my audience more effectively, my account manager, Cludette guided me very patiently and thoroughly.

Generally, I was happy with the customer service, although it might only be the case for the VIP package users. I’m not sure on that.

  • Is InstaRabbit safe?

After hearing and reading so many reports about Instagram growth services not being safe and getting your account blocked or banned, I was curious to see if my account was going to get action banned or not. 

In my three months using this service, I experienced being action blocked one time but I believe temporary bans are normal because of the Instagram algorithm. I didn’t face a long period of being action blocked and it never took more than couple of hours.

And in terms of using a third party tool to act on your behalf, InstaRabbit uses proxies to manage your account, so it wouldn’t seem like bot behavior, as they clearly state in their website that they “are not a bot, to be clear”!

Comparing my before and after numbers, and because of my account manager using proxies for more safety, I can confidently tell you that the service is safe. Their platform is compliant with Instagram Terms of Service but remember anyway that they are a third party so you have to take some risks when using these growth services.

  • InstaRabbit: pros and cons
Having the expertise of a social media specialist by your sideGiving out your account credentials to a third party
Various subscription optionsNot offering a free trial (you can only try the powerlike pods for free for just one post)
Steady organic growth
Likes on the golden hour and having the chance of getting viral
Topnotch customer service
Favorable costs compared to doing the work yourself or hiring a VA
  • Our Rating for InstaRabbit (from 1 to five)                                                            

InstaRabbit is among a new wave of services that are compatible with the Instagram’s Terms of Service. They offer a steady organic growth with real accounts, not an overnight inflation, and also using InstaRabbit you get to delegate the time consuming process of growing followers to a human account manager. 

Support – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Growth – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Experience – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ease of Use -⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall – 

Considering these points, plus my own experience during these three months which gave me a very satisfying result, I can confidently give 4.5 stars to Instarabbit.

It goes without saying that the 4.5 star ranking applies to all the aspects of this program, from the most robust features to their awesome customer service. 

  • You can start with a free trial or a weekly plan

For those who are still not sure if they should choose this program or not, InstaRabbit offers a free trial with 30 free likes from real active accounts for your new post, so you could get a sense of how it works. 

Furthermore, signing up for the weekly plan is also a good place to start. I think a week is a fair amount of time to test if you are comfortable working with their team or not. You could monitor your growth over the course of one week, and then make your final decision.  


Well, this was my experience with InstaRabbit. I had my doubts at first, but after seeing the difference that it made in my account (followers growth from 293 to 2363 and like counts from 80-90 to more than 400 per post) I believe it worth it to spend money on. 

I didn’t put much time and effort on my account before, mostly because I didn’t know where to start, or how to create engaging content and bring value to my followers. Now that I’m using InstaRabbit I spend more time on creating content upon my account manager’s advice, because I have seen that it’s going to pay off and it worth to renew subscription.

All in all, given my experience, I recommend this service to anyone who is serious about growing their account on Instagram as a new effective growth service that works effectively to get more exposure and even going viral. But at the end of the day the choice is yours. I hope you found this review helpful.

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