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Promo’s Free Image Resizer Review – Visual Content Game Changer  for Marketers
Promo’s Free Image Resizer Review – Visual Content Game Changer for Marketers

In today’s standard workflow, it takes hours to resize images, edit, upload and share via multiple networks. In addition, current resizing tools are part of a paid subscription, or are cumbersome and require multiple actions.

The creative process, itself, is one place that businesses big and small experience extreme bottleneck, often times leading to rogue employees desperate to create original content.

It’s time for the resizing process to be disrupted, which is why I was interested in testing out Promo’s new Free Image Resizer. The creators of this tool are already known for disrupting the visual content industry, and this comes as no exception.

Because it’s a free tool, I haven’t been compensated or gifted in any way and I’ve been using it regularly because it’s improved my workflow.

Marketers Can Use the Free Image Resizer For More than 50 Different Sizes and 9 Social Channels

Promo’s tool allows users to resize images for more than 50 different sizes and formats for nine social channels for no fee, in one click.⁣ It will also act as an always-up-to-date size guide for the standard image size.⁣

Different from other free resize tools, the Promo Free Image Resizer uses a more advanced editing capability that is pre-adjusted and cropped to resize to new ratios and formats without harming the image quality. “That means your photos still look good, no matter the size,” explains an expert from Konstruct Digital.

Brands Can Use the Free Image Resizer to Save a lot of Time

The resizer tool greatly reduces time spent resizing, saving and labeling so marketers can get their images up faster and more efficiently. Once you download your images, they’re saved in a .zip file and labeled by network. You can change the name of the main folder to coincide with the campaign you’re working on.

This ensures all photos will work in all formats on all networks. It’s the quickest solution with the best results for your images.

If you need to edit a photo, it’s simple to do. Click on it to access the editing controls and then adjust the image. The Resizer keeps the social network constraints and also offers you tips on what to do with the image before you upload it elsewhere.

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So Easy Anyone Can Use It

Drag and drop, or upload from a URL and select the sizes you need. You have the ability to edit, as needed. Or, if you want them all, simply click “download all” and that’s it.

The process of resizing with Promo’s Free Image Resizer:

  1. Allows you to click and select the social networks and sizes you need
  2. Downloads in a single click into a .zip file
  3. Files saved according to the social network

Cost: It’s Free. For Life. For Everyone


Current resizing tools and processes don’t give content creators and marketers what they need. Whether it’s behind a paywall or a free version that doesn’t end up saving time, the “good, fast and cheap” model hasn’t existed in this space. As of today, the wait is over. Marketers actually have access to a free tool that lets you upload a photo, select the social image sizes you need, click and download. It’s that easy.

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