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Review – Using Uptic to Grow Your Instagram Following
Review – Using Uptic to Grow Your Instagram Following

I’ve tried all I could to attract new followers and engagement to my account, and I was about to give up when I came across a new option. At first, I was skeptical about trying out, but today, I’m here to provide you with a review of an Instagram growth service known as Uptic

Uptic works round the clock and it uses Al technology to make a copy of human interactions to pull new followers to your account by engaging them. 

My results: 30 Days In

I started using this as my primary tool because there were good results. Increasing your number of followers is different from attracting the right kind of audience. You know you have the correct type of audience when your followers like your post and leaves a comment on your post.

My advice is that you should post more often once you start, and you’ll know if your followers are enjoying your content. But, don’t be driven by numbers alone because this software becomes smarter. So, always look for genuine comments that are related to your posts.

Why I Chose The $129/month plan

Many plans are available for you to pick from and there’s an affordable plan of $16.99 mid-tier $69.99 monthly plan, and there’s an aggressive option of $129.99 monthly plan. Both plans- the affordable and aggressive plans-will help you increase followers but the aggressive plan will help you deliver an excellent job at a much faster rate than the affordable plan. So, I went with the $129.99 monthly plan, and I saw great results in a  short time.

With Uptic’s dashboard, you can view how the results take place, and you’ll be able to see how everything happens live. In the analytics section, you can access data that will help you find out how efficient this tool is and how it’s delivering excellent results.

If you’re using this tool to interact with your Instagram accounts, you need to be certain that it won’t appear like spam. Sometimes, I see comments that have emojis all around or generic like “wow! Nice post!

Comments like this are spammy, and people do not like interacting with accounts that drop such comments. But with Uptic and its AI technology, engagement is done in ways that nobody will find out you’re using a tool. Many people will think you’re doing everything manually because the interactions are human-like. It’s challenging to beat Artificial Intelligence, and Uptic is a clear leader.

Many times, we read business websites or tech blogs and see the AI news headlines at the top because the technology is at the forefront of everyday uses and current innovations. The team in charge of Uptic are doing a great job because I never thought it would be seen in social media marketing as early as this.

Why Targeted Audience Are Essential

Targeted followers are essential and its best to have a few followers that will be interested in your content than having loads of followers that will never interact. So, I prefer having 2,000 followers that have interest in my content and will like and comment on it than 250,000 followers that will not comment or like my posts. Uptic aims to attract a targeted audience, so, your engagement rates determine how many posts you get on the explore page and the ones showing on your followers’ feeds.

Final Thoughts

With my experience with Uptic, it’s still the best and I really like it. It’s contributed a lot to my Instagram growth in recent months. Just like everyone else, I chose the monthly plan of $129.99 because of how impressive it is.

Right now, Instagram is the leading social media network land many brands are making serious efforts to have a huge following and responsive audience. The days of buying fake Instagram followers are gone as it’s very easy to detect, and this can be detrimental to your brand. So, give Uptic a try because you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Registering takes only a few minutes and you can your campaign running in no time, and you’ll start to grow your account.

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