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SocialCruise Review
SocialCruise Review

Everyone wants to grow their following on Instagram. Brands have the opportunity to convert followers into customers and Influencers can create sponsored posts.

The market for Instagram growth and automation software is filled with products promising “guaranteed growth” but many use the same archaic and spammy practices in attempts to grow accounts.

After trying dozens of different products, I was introduced to a service called SocialCruise that had a very unique value proposition. They use a combination of proprietary AI software and Human Intelligence to drive growth. Here’s my full review of SocialCruise and why I think it’s the smartest choice for both brands and influencers looking to take their Instagram presence to a new level.

Incredibly Safe

After all the changes that Instagram, most services don’t work. However, SocialCruise doesn’t seem to be having any issues. They use Instagram’s latest API’s and test their rate limits everyday to ensure their service works. On top of this, they haven’t had any issues with the thousands of accounts they manage. They offer guaranteed refunds if the service doesn’t deliver interactions.

It’s a Smarter Alternative to Instagram Ads

If you’re a small business or brand, you’ve probably tested or ran instagram ad campaigns and know the numerous inefficiencies associated with it. Instagram ads require a lot of time and effort to produce from contracting a designer to make the creatives, developing a strategy, to managing the campaign. Conversion rates are often very low, growth is limited by the amount of money you spend and the analytical feedback you get is very basic. On top of this the support is non existent.

With SocialCruise, you get a “white-glove” experience. The monthly price is fixed every month, suite of advanced analytics, no account maintenance, 24/7 Live Chat, benefits of Organic Growth, and the best part… You can turn the service on and off with one click.

Cutting Edge AI Software

The term “AI” gets thrown around often these days so I was initially a bit skeptical. I dug a bit deeper into the technology and found that their AI models are used to analyze your account and current follower base to determine the most optimized values for Liking, Following, and other actions. I found this to be very beneficial as it takes care of all the “set up” work. There’s no need to configure a bunch of toggles or fill out forms, their AI software does it automatically.


SocialCruise currently offers three different plans at $14/week, $49/month, and $99/month. In my view, this is an incredible deal for brands and influencers. You can potentially create thousands of dollars in sales or brand value for less than $99 a month. Not to mention the money and time you save by not having to hire an external Instagram marketer.

Incredible Premium Service

I had the opportunity to use both the Standard ($49/month) and Pro ($99/month) plan and was impressed with the value I received from Pro service – it is a big step up from Standard. I was able to work with Henry, one of the growth consultants, who helped me figure out the best content and posting strategies. On top of this, he was able to help me get my brand verified on Instagram. If you are serious about your page, I highly recommend going with the Pro plan.

Reliable Support

SocialCruise customer support is one of the best I’ve seen from any tool. Any inquiry or issue is solved within 20 minutes and their support representatives are extremely patient in answering any questions or concerns you have.


After using SocialCruise for some time now, I would recommend it to any influencer or small-medium business who is looking for a proper instagram growth tool that helps you get more Instagram followers. The simplicity of the platform, combined with excellent customer support and actual results makes it an Instagram tool that is useful for anyone trying to grow their Instagram engagement fast.

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