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A Fishing Social Media Platform Is Catching On
A Fishing Social Media Platform Is Catching On

Are you a fisherman, or rather an angler in colloquial terms? Are you dying to share your latest haul with fellow anglers? You’re probably wishing there was a way to do just that. But you’re probably also thinking that there’s no way such a service exists. “My hobby is way too niche to warrant its own social media platform,” you lament as your latest deep-sea fishing chronicles go entirely unnoticed.

A Hobby That Catches On

You’re wrong. Such a service exists and it is aptly called Fishbrain. It’s a social network specifically for anglers. Fishbrain CEO Johan Attby got the idea in 2011. He realized that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are too broad to share your passions. They’re meant for general sharing. When you start talking about the one hobby you love more than anything else, you become irrelevant because you’re reaching out to the wrong crowd.

Attby wanted to create a platform for a popular hobby. Why fishing, then? Why not a more popular, mainstream hobby? As it turns out, there is nothing more popular than fishing in terms of spending. Anglers catch over 60 million fish each year. The industry is worth $48 billion collectively. For reference, the music streaming industry is only worth $18 billion.

Fishing is perfect for social media, too. Anglers are always eager to show off their big catches, which is why Fishbrain has built-in tools members can use to publish their best moments. A new feature launched on Sunday allows users to share videos and tag the location of the catch.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Because there is so much variation within the community, Fishbrain’s algorithm depends on personalization. When signing up, users list their favorite species of and their favorite form of fishing. Their feed will then be populated with content that matches that criteria.

The personalization goes even deeper. Every Fishbrain user is part of a group called Fishbrain Counties, chatrooms populated by users in a certain geographical area. Here, users can share what species they encounter and where they encounter them.

To make the experience even more immersive, Fishbrain compiles the user data like lure used, weight and species of the catch, and weather parameters. This goes into a graph that displays peak fishing times for various prime locations.

Attby’s work is paying off immensely. Fishbrain has reeled in over 3 million users, who reported almost 2 million catches across 249 countries. They logged 1.1 million last year, which tripled the output from 2015.

If Attby continues to personalize Fishbrain with this level of detail and genuine care for the hobby, he can be sure it never flounders.

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