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Get the Glasses Social Media Craves with Replacement Lenses
Get the Glasses Social Media Craves with Replacement Lenses

Forget the nerdy stereotype associated with glasses. 64% of American adults use prescription eyewear today. Modern glasses are as much of a fashion accessory as they are a necessity. You see them every day on influencer’s pages. 

But even for those not rushing to keep up with the trends, glasses can be expensive. Most people replace their glasses out of necessity every 1 to 3 years. Each time, consumers plan to spend about $173 on a new pair of glasses. Over the course of your lifetime, these purchases add up to thousands of dollars. What if you knew of a cheaper way to get the hottest in glasses technology? The secret is simple: buy replacement lenses

Replacement lenses cost a fraction of what new glasses sell for. You can use these cost savings to buy the best lenses modern innovation has to offer. Some popular options on social media include tinted lenses. Colored lenses aren’t just for show; wearers report different benefits from different colors. Yellow enhances contrast in low-light conditions while rose lenses can enhance depth perception. Some people with dyslexia report fewer problems when wearing tinted lenses. 

Getting replacement lenses is easy. You don’t even have to put them in your frames yourself. Just ship your frames out and lenses will be developed specially for you. The whole process could take as few as 5 days depending on shipping and wait times. Enhance your vision and look at the same time with replacement lenses.

The World of Replacement Lenses
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