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Here’s Why The World Needs A Better Twitter
Here’s Why The World Needs A Better Twitter

This might surprise you, but I’m okay with Elon Musk injecting some life into Twitter, as long as he makes smart decisions. He has now completed the purchase, brought a kitchen sink to the lobby and fired several executives. This is the right time to take the necessary steps. Improve Twitter.

Say what you will about the politics, the free speech angle, and all of the drama — when it comes to any Big Tech brand, the secret sauce is always Geld. This fuels creativity, encourages innovative engineering techniques and casts a broad net to attract new users. It also keeps the lights on for longer.

Apple is an industry powerhouse simply because of its revenue. Apple has the ability to create innovative products over and over again. Weak balance statements can lead to less-respected brands.

Musk has many zeroes to his Twitter feed. Some might say too many zeroes, but that’s for another day. Twitter’s future is secured by huge infrastructure investment. This will eliminate bots from the network and ensure that everyone can use it safely.

And I do mean Everyone. Twitter has been a vast wasteland of accounts that have died, abandoned long ago by those who had found other fertile ground. Take a look at BeReal. It’s Pokémon Go mixed with Instagram. I’m blown away by how this game has gained so much popularity. It reminds me of when Clubhouse seemed like a great idea back in the day. (Well, that’s what I thought, anyway.) It hasn’t become a powerhouse, but I think Twitter can rebound. I know this because I’ve seen it before.

Another Elon Musk company is one of my favorites.

Tesla’s story is about investing money in a solution. These factories are amazing. Faster charging stations for your battery. All-round exceptional range, without the need to buy a go-kart.

I’ve watched from the sidelines with Tesla, dating back to when Ford sold more versions of one F-150 truck in a month than Tesla sold all year long in every make and model. That’s not really true anymore. They are all around me, driving slow and with the windows open on hot days to ensure they get there safely.

Is it possible to hear about the new Twitter users? That’s a controversial statement these days, because of the problems with free speech that are real and possibly unsolvable. The main message I want to convey about innovation fueling is that Elon Musk has the responsibility of making it happen.

This starts with an ongoing commitment to existing users. I’m one of them, and I post regularly these days. I’m not comfortable with how the company has closed accounts, or how the company has allowed some accounts to remain open. I don’t like how the app is not safe to use because of the trolls dominating the conversation so often.

The app has great potential, according to me. Big Tech is always looking for things that have potential. Pay attention. Twitter could make the world a better place. It allows us to connect and facilitate communication. It is able to unite people from different parts of the world, and not isolate them. Musk is a great example of how financial support can help people with innovative ideas.

So here’s my honest plea to the new owner:

It can be made better. The engineering lab should be lit. Get to know the needs and wants of your users and then fulfill them. Start working. We’re waiting.

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