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How Better Focus Improves Your Social Life
How Better Focus Improves Your Social Life

The average person today has an 8-second attention span. If that seems short, consider the world we live in. We are constantly bombarded with demands for our attention. Regular people receive up to 80 phone notifications every day. The average office worker sees their work interrupted every 11 minutes. The time we lose to digital distractions costs over $10,000 per person per year. 

Worse than costing money or productivity, digital distractions also interfere with circadian rhythms. 3 in 5 adults say they are more tired than they have ever been. When we don’t sleep enough, we aren’t able to enjoy life. Both work and personal life suffer from our lack of focus and excess of distractions.

Millions of people self-medicate their lack of focus with caffeinated drinks. The average American drinks 85 liters of caffeinated drinks per year. While caffeine offers several benefits, more is not the solution. Caffeine alters sleep schedules, giving us even less quality sleep. Furthermore, relying on caffeine for focus can lead to long-term heart problems, digestion issues, and higher risk for dementia. 
Instead of more caffeine, scientists are looking for ways to enhance cognition naturally. One possibility is biohacking, a DIY approach that encourages behavioral changes for better cognitive results. Some examples include reducing blue light sources near bedtime and adding movement throughout the day. Both encourage better sleep and more energy throughout the day. Scientists are also experimenting with nootropics, natural minerals and nutrients that work with the body’s biological clock and regulation.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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