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How Men and Women Influence Religion
How Men and Women Influence Religion

Father Rutler is a modern day holy man born in 1945. Rutler is a man with remarkable talent, who is a musician, artist, art historian, and sportsman. He has an amazing intellect, graduating from an Ivy League college. He is a writer and lecturer.

Men and women influencing religion is a modern practice. Lay people are holding unofficial roles in the church. There is a story about a woman who gave up going to confession because she no longer saw the point of it. One day she saw a bank president get in line for confession. The lady reconsidered her opinion of going to confession.

There are some passages in the bible that still believe women should be subservient to the man. There are some women who follow suppression of women. Women are directed to be quiet and submissive to their husbands. Man is in charge of his wife as Christ is in charge of the church.

On the other hand, there are 20 heroic women mentioned in the bible. Some of the women mentioned in the bible, Eve, Leah, Rebekah, and Delilah are depicted as bad influences on the men in their lives. Other women in the bible are saints or queens. Some of the women in the bible are known for being the mother of great men in the bible. Mary was the mother of Jesus, Rachel was the mother of Joseph, Hannah was the mother of Samuel, Bathsheba was the mother of Solomon, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and Jochebed was the mother of Moses. Women like Elizabeth and Sarah were thought to represent patience because they became mothers at age 90. These women I mentioned represent the traditional roles of women depicted in the bible.

In the bible, the men are depicted as strong leaders, who many were fooled, such as Samson, Adam, and Jacob by women giving them what they wanted. For years, wedding ceremonies had women promise to love, honor, and obey. Recently, reformed gender roles given men and women equality in religion. Many women have acquired religious roles in religion that were once given to men, such as women priests. In the Catholic church, the religion goes under a little transformation every time there is a new pope. In the new religious revisions, women can be seen as liberated women, not property of men. Feminist Gloria Steinem gave the institution of marriage a try when it no longer stifled a woman’s mental and spiritual development. Women have the option of keeping their maiden names. Both men and women equally influence their children by being equal partners in marriage. Father Rutler is clearly aware of an ever changing Christian faith. The more Christianity changes, the more the religion stays the same. Women are becoming more independent and men more a partnership to the woman in the practice of religion.

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