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Importance of Equality in Education with Jonathan Osler
Importance of Equality in Education with Jonathan Osler

Importance of Equality in Education with Jonathan Osler

Addressing Equality in Education

Over the past few decades, education has become one of the most important issues when discussing the future of the nation’s youth. There have been many discussions about how the education system benefits certain groups of people while other groups are denied access to the same opportunities. When making reforms to the education system, one of the things that people often suggest is addressing racial equality in education. Many advocates for equality in education stress that people from disadvantaged backgrounds are often unable to obtain the education they need in order to gain admission to leading colleges as well as attain better employment opportunities. With equality in education, everyone all over the United States will be able to position themselves for success in the future.

Ensuring Everyone Has an Adequate Education

As Jonathan Osler would agree, there are many benefits of racial equality in education. One of the benefits of addressing equality in education is by allowing everyone to get the best education available. Some people in the United States are often forced to attend schools that provide an education that is not up to the standards of other schools. As a result, these students fall behind in essential subjects such as English, reading and math. In order to get an adequate education, people of all races must attend schools that meet the education standards of all school districts and states. With an assurance that students will get an adequate education, they will be able to attain all of the knowledge and skills they need in order to have a better future.

Ability to Get Admission to Top Universities

Another benefit of racial equality in education is to provide students with the opportunity to gain admission to the top universities. Once students are able to get adequate preparation throughout their secondary school years, they will be in a better position to get into a university that will give them the training they need in order to get the best jobs available. They will also have the ability to get into top graduate programs in order to get into the highest paying career fields such as medicine, law, dentistry and business.

Opportunity to Obtain Better Jobs

Racial equality in education will also provide students with the opportunity to get the best jobs. They will be able to get degrees in fields that prepare them for jobs in the technology, engineering and business sectors. Instead of getting degrees in programs that don’t provide any marketable knowledge and skills, students can learn things such as computer science and information technology to get jobs that pay a good salary. With better job opportunities, people of all races will be able to live a better lifestyle and avoid experiencing poverty.

Having Access to Beneficial Resources

With racial equality in education, students will also have access to more resources that will benefit them. They will have the ability to take additional courses to improve their knowledge of certain subjects. Students will also have the opportunity to meet with tutors so that they can overcome any academic deficiencies and successfully complete the necessary courses to finish their schooling at both the secondary and collegiate level. Racial equality in education will also help students have access to updated libraries and technology in order to complete assignments and enhance their overall learning experiences.

Access to the Best Teachers Available

Whenever there is racial equality in education, students of all backgrounds will have access to the best teachers as well. Students can receive instruction from teachers who are knowledgeable of the latest trends in certain subjects as well as ones that are eager to assist students who need more instruction to better grasp the subject matter of their courses. With access to the best teachers, students will be better prepared for higher education as well as their future careers.

Osler’s Experiences in Education
Jonathan Osler has been one of the top advocates for racial equality in education. As a professor at the University of California Berkeley, Osler has frequently addressed racial equality in education. Throughout his career, he has looked to develop programs that help students from all backgrounds improve the quality of their education. He has also been involved in helping teachers improve their knowledge so that they can better educate students that they teach. Today, Osler continues to manage an organization that focuses on addressing social and racial justice in the educational sector as well as providing better lesson planning resources and giving educators more opportunities for their professional development.

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