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Importance of Self Care
Importance of Self Care

Helen Lee Schifter agrees that one of the most important aspects of one’s life, as a vast number of people believe it’s the most important, is health. With that said, the importance of maintaining one’s health is an essential mindset for everyone to have, especially those who want to live much longer. Furthermore, this article is to educate readers on taking care of oneself not only in the now but long term.

The health of any person, regardless of who that person may be, should always ensure their well-being is maintained. The truth of the matter is there are countless ways one can improve their health, whether it’d be from a physical or mental standpoint. One must also emphasize maintaining their mental health, as one’s mental state is essential to living a long life of happiness.

The person who puts him or herself through a high-level of stress, for example, may end up physically harming themselves as they grow older. It’s important to tackle mental issues at a young age, as dealing with these when getting older could be difficult to cope with in the long run.

With that said, feeling stressed out is a normal emotion that nearly everyone goes through throughout their lifetime. Feeling certain emotions of sadness is normal but how a person handles these feelings is what eventually matters. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a lot of mental issues, to where it affects their daily lives negatively. What these individuals should realize is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding one’s misery, as people who do suffer from severe mental illnesses can move on and live their lives.

One of the most important aspects of reducing stress is finding time to relax. For some people, as this is quite common, work is the main priority without any time for recreational activities. While it’s understandable, the need for relaxation is essential, as one must moderate their scheduling to find time for all things that’s necessary.

For figuring out which activity to do regarding relaxation exercises, one can find reliable recommendations by searching online on how to relax and reduce stress. Whether it’d be partaking in Yoga exercises or even going for a simple walk, these are just simple recreational activities.

Furthermore, in conclusion to this piece, a woman named Helen Lee Schifter, who’s a former editor at Hearst, could go for a massage or go on vacation to reduce stress, for example. These activities showcase how someone could reduce stress without going into much trouble.

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