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Instagram Trending Pet Fashions for Summer 2022
Instagram Trending Pet Fashions for Summer 2022

According to the APPA survey for 2021-2022, every household in the United States of America has a pet. Of these pet owners, about 64% are millennials. This population is famous for its ability to create trends out of their interests. 

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They build trends and look great in every season of the year. Then, they transfer this need to fit with the seasons onto their pets and dress them to look the part in each season as well.

Every pet owner has to balance their pet’s comfort with the desire to dress it in poise and elegance. So, it is important to have information on the best pet accessories outlets and what items they offer to you.

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes a new batch of trends in pet fashion. From Instagram to the runway, these are the looks your furry friend needs to be sporting this season!

Because pet fashion is so trendy, there’s a huge increase in demand for fashionable items. Luckily, pet supplies online always have something to offer.

There are myriad options within the themes of Instagram fashion trends for your pet in the summer of 2022. But, you may want to consider the following cute accessories:

1. GPS Bandanas

Out with the old GPS collars and trackers, and in with the new fashion trends! The summer promises to be hot for you and your pet, so you must prepare to tackle the heat while keeping the classy look. A new pet accessory taking the market by storm is the pet bandana.

This is usually lighter than the tracker collars and keeps the heat and discomfort at bay. It also helps keep the animal clean, as there will be less build-up of dirt under the bandana than under a collar. This trend is cute, and with matching bandanas, you and your pet can create a storm wave with your InstaShots.

2. Pet Sunglasses

While sunglasses look good in photoshoots and Instagram posts, they also serve other purposes. The sun can be mean and hot during the summer, making your pet uncomfortable. Day walks on the beach will be much less stressful for your pet when they have sunglasses to protect their eyes.

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This is also an important part of animal welfare and fulfills one of the freedoms of animal welfare. This states that your animal should be free of pain and discomfort. A bonus is that the sunglasses protect the pet’s eyes from the gusts of wind and dust popular in the summer, which ultimately saves you from a trip to the vet.

3. Pet Backpack Carriers

The summer is the best period for taking long walks, hikes, sightseeing, and road trips. For pet owners, these pictures can form memories. A great way to have fun during this time is to have a pet backpack carrier handy. Then, you and your pet can have fun and create Instagram posts without worrying about your pet’s safety.

Backpack carrier designs vary in size to suit your preferences and the pet’s size. This improves the general experience of your time out and reduces your stress levels. In addition, on uneven terrains, the backpack ensures that your animal is safe. And you will not have to worry about them getting hurt or injuring their feet.

4. Boots for the Summer

Boots as a cat or dog accessory are a must. The sun is not the only worry for your pet during the summer, as roads can get scalding. While there are ways to guard against the heat, providing breathable boots for your pets during this season helps with the heat. This fashion trend is top on the list of Instagram trends.

It is fashionable and effective in protecting the fragile limbs of the pet during the season. And because these boots are breathable, they do not cause discomfort to the pet. They are suitable for taking long walks and hikes with a pet during this hot season.

5. Life Vests

A fun activity for dogs during the summer is going swimming or spending time on the open seas. But, you must consider your pet’s safety as you go on these activities and prepare for mishaps.

One gear to have on your pet is a cute life vest. It speaks glam to the camera and protects your pet from drowning in the water. These come in different sizes, styles, and colors, and you can decide to match up with your pet for cuter photos.

6. Trick and Treats

Summer is the best time for games and outdoor activities with your pet. There is less worry about parasite infestation and foot conditions due to dampness. There is an endless list of fun activities that you can engage in.

These include training your pet for walks without a leash, endurance, obedience, and service. This becomes fun for you and a way to bond with the pet and also create a sensation on Instagram for the summer.

7. Pet Hammock Swings

Imagine this: you want to relax outside and watch the stars during those hot summer nights. This is a good time to create fun photos and videos for the gram. You may want to consider including your pet in the fun as it switches up the glam of your photos.

A cool way to help your pet relax is getting them a hammock swing. Place this on the patio of your house or even in the corner of the yard, under tree shades. It will be cute to have the pet hammock beside yours as you pose for pictures and take naps together.

8. Pet Pool

Some animals love the water and all the fun that goes with it. And yet they are always at risk of drowning in human-sized pools. A fairway to tackle this problem is to buy pet pools for your animal.

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This can also double your animal’s bathtub and play station during the scorching summer. It is fun and functional, and any activity with your pet in the pool will always look good in photos.


Owning a pet is a great responsibility. It requires time and commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of that pet. But, you can have fun as a pet parent. Create fashion trends for each season of the year on Instagram and all other social handles. While handling your pet with utmost care and love, remain glamorous and always be photo-ready. Make sure to look good, have fun and make great memories!

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