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Is Social Media a top talent attraction tool? Here’s why the answer is “YES”
Is Social Media a top talent attraction tool? Here’s why the answer is “YES”

Can you attract and recruit top talent on Social Media? Absolutely because, today, everybody, including top talent from all around the world is on social networks. 

Over the last decade, social media has changed the online game forever. It had a major impact on the way businesses attract and brand their products and services. But, most importantly, it changed the way they source candidates and find the ideal employees. In fact, can you even remember recruitment before social media? No? Well, make no mistake, you are not alone here as more than 90% of recruiters actually use social media platforms these days to find, recruit, and retain top talent. 

Nowadays, social media plays a major role in the recruitment process. And, make no mistake, not only employers benefit from this but job seekers benefit as well. Why? Well, while for employers, social media opens the gates to a large pool of potential employees, for job seekers, job ads are all over the place on social media

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Why is social media the best recruiting tool? 

What exactly makes social media be a top tool in recruiting these days? Here are a few great reasons why social networks should be an essential part of your recruitment strategy: 

It’s cost-effective- Reducing costs is, perhaps, every business’s priority. And, the good news is that using social media to find and attract top talent can cut down on costs compared to traditional search methods. After all, posting a job opening on your company’s social media profile costs nothing compared to participating in job fairs or posting newspaper ads. 

Plus, even if you plan to invest in recruitment ads to attract more candidates, it is relatively affordable and less expensive than other recruitment methods. As a recruitment agency, you can also use software with smart solutions, ideal for recruitment agencies, like online time tracking which can help you track your internal costs and margins to cut down on costs even more.  

Background research- Here’s the good and the bad news: Social media tells you everything about a person. Yes, this is both bad and good news and here’s why: for potential candidates, their social media profiles can either make recruiters throw their CVs in the back of a forgotten drawer or hire them immediately depending on what type of information they share online. as for recruiters, when it comes to conducting background research on candidates, social media has made it pretty simple. All they have to do is to take a look at the profiles of their candidates to see what type of content and personal information they share to see whether or not they are the ideal fit for the company. 

It speeds up the hiring process- Social media is the very base of fast communication. You simply communicate with potential candidates through direct messaging and they can answer you immediately. Moreover, running background research on social media is only a matter of minutes which speeds up the entire process.  

Best practices to recruit on Social Media 

Now, although social media can do wonders in helping recruiters find and attract top talent, like it or not, with new companies being opened overnight, at an unprecedented pace, the hunt for top talent is more competitive than ever. 

After all, the best employees are the heart of every successful company. So, it comes as no surprise that all recruiters are out there hunting for ideal candidates using all the tricks they have in their sleeves.  So, since today’s hiring process has become more dynamic and competitive than ever, recruiters must do their best to run effective recruitment campaigns on social media. 

Build your company’s reputation 

If you want to attract top talent to your company, you first need to make sure that what you are offering is worth their time. Skilled and experienced employees are often aware of their advantages. So, this means that they can be pickier when it comes to choosing a job offer or a company to work for. 

So, first things first, make sure that you build your business’s online reputation as a company that everybody knows about and wants to work for. If you want top talent to be interested in your job openings, make sure that they see you as the authority in your specific field. 

Target your candidates 

Once you have placed your company above your competitors and have an extra advantage to attract the best job seekers, it is time to get a clear idea of what you want. Who do you want to work for your company? What skills and experience do the ideal employee should have? 

Once you figure out what is your candidate persona, you need to target them correctly. Data like age, geographical location, interests, education, and any other information that can appear on your audience’s profiles need to be used to target them for your recruitment ads campaign.  

Use visual aids 

You know what they say, an image is worth a thousand words. So, if you want to level up your recruitment game, you need to ditch the boring job openings ads and use visual aids that can really attract and engage potential candidates. There are multiple ways in which you can make your job posting more interesting for those super-skilled job seekers including using infographics, videos with company culture, or even funny memes to engage potential candidates. 

Write a killer job ad 

Your copy is just as important as the visual aids you attach to your job posting. It needs to be straight forward about what you are looking for and what you are offering. Yet, it should also be funny and engaging so that potential candidates feel that you are addressing to human, not to robots. So, don’t be afraid of being informal in your job ad, especially if your company culture is relatively laid back. 

Also, don’t forget to include that “call-to-action” words like “Apply now”, “Send your CV”, “Contact us on” to make sure that potential candidates will know exactly how to reach you if they are interested in your job ad. 

Recruiting top talent has never been as easy as it is today, thanks to social media. You can easily track, attract, and retain the best employees for lower costs. 

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