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Is Social Media Ruining Your Sleep?
Is Social Media Ruining Your Sleep?

There are a few ways that social media might be ruining your sleep. Sleeping effectively is important to help you to be more productive, like thinking up a new social media marketing plan for a client or accurately posting news for your followers.

So how is social media ruining your sleep?

1. It’s Making You Think Too Much

You know all the things you need to do to run a successful social media account, you have to respond to complaints quickly and stay active when the people are active. So what do you do? You create an internal to-do list that keeps you up at night making it hard to shut off your brain when your head hits the pillow.

If you want to stop thinking about social media and allow your brain to relax and go to sleep, write out a to-do list and put those thoughts to bed. Doing so will help you to relax allowing you to sleep better and feel more rested for those tasks the next morning.

2. It’s Stimulating Your Brain

If you’ve been reading your feed before bed and found that despite the late hour your brain is still alert and ready for a new task, it’s because tech is stimulating your brain. This can be detrimental to sleep because you need a relaxed brain to fall asleep.

If you can’t put your device away before bed, you need to find another activity that helps your brain to relax. One option is mindfulness meditation that has been proven to help brains and bodies relax for more fulfilling sleep. 

3. The Light is Getting to You

Your smartphone emits a type of light called blue light. In research, this type of light is shown to hinder melatonin production making it harder to go to sleep. If you want to go to sleep sooner to be more rested for the next day, you have to do something about the blue light.

One way to get rid of the sleep reducing blue light is to install a blue light filtering app on your smartphone. There are a number of them available, often for free, in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Also, you can check your phone settings for something called nightlight or a blue light filter which is built into many of the newer phones.
For more tips and tricks to help you sleep better tonight so that you can be more productive in your next day’s tasks, check out SleePare’s infographic below.

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