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Key Digital Marketing Skills That Will Land You a Job in 2019
Key Digital Marketing Skills That Will Land You a Job in 2019

The year 2018 has been such a success for businesses that have incorporated digital marketing concepts. The increased demand for digital and social media marketing has made most businesses pursue employing persons who are competent enough in the field of digital marketing. Existing employees have also sought to expand their knowledge in regard to the various cutting-edge digital marketing concepts that have been incorporated in the recent past.

2019 is expected to be highly promising for businesses and employees prospecting to make a difference in the market. With digital marketing expected to expand further, it is anticipated that certain skills and competencies will be on high demand. Here are some of the essential trending digital marketing skills that will most certainly land you a job in 2019.

Web design

Web design has been in existence since the start of the age of the internet. However, trends in web design have been evolving ever since then, with companies seeking to have the best and most attractive websites. Web design is particularly important as it acts as the digital interface that customers use to interact with a company. 2019 is expected to offer new opportunities for web designers to develop advanced websites with better aesthetics. Key web design skills on animation, incorporation of chatbots, development of responsive designs, and the ability to accurately apply minimalism are expected to be on high demand.

Digital marketing strategies

The ability of a digital marketer to understand key concepts in regard to digital marketing strategies is expected to be the next big thing. Laying out proper strategies when it comes to the use of digital marketing tools will give potential employees an added advantage before their potential employers. The strategy-laying process gives a digital marketer an opportunity to develop a near-accurate projection into the anticipated trends as far as digital marketing is concerned. Marketers will, therefore, be required to not only put out adverts but also develop a clear pathway of transforming the audience into proactive loyal customers. This skill will be essential for most businesses as they look forward to visualizing return on their marketing investments.

Data analytics and reporting

Data analysis is becoming an important element as far as digital marketing is concerned. 2019 is expected to put much emphasis on the need for digital and social media marketers to possess the necessary skills as far as data analysis and reporting is concerned. Part of the necessary skills in data analysis that will be required includes the use of data for simulation of various corporate aspects such as sales, customer base, and profits. Persons with skills pertaining to the use of various data studio programs in data analysis will be given preference by organizations and employers. With data analytics being such a rapidly evolving field, employees and job seekers would also be in constant search for competent digital marketing courses offered on a part-time basis in order to improve on their existing skills.

Content marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization has remained one of the enduring aspects of content marketing that is expected to advance into 2019. New opportunities in SEO marketing will have digital marketers scramble to acquire skills on emerging trends. Content marketers will have to optimize their content for visibility and compatibility with Google’s SEO algorithms. Skills relating to optimization of SEO content for improved speeds, link building, and reduced content-length will be a particular trend for the year.

Video marketing

Video marketing is taking advertisement by storm today and is expected to advance further in 2019. More businesses expect to create short videos targeting boosting their brand across the market. Digital marketers with experience and skills in the creation of such videos will, therefore, be highly likely to land jobs in marketing agencies and marketing departments. Competency in the area or video production and promotion of products through online-circulated videos will be a major skill that most companies will take advantage of.


When it comes to digital marketing, new opportunities present themselves from day-to-day. The ability of businesses to succeed in the use of digital marketing depends upon marketers’ capacity to be creative. Creativity is expected to be a major asset that most employers would be looking for when seeking to hire competent digital marketers. Creativity makes all the difference between the ability of a business to succeed in its marketing initiatives or fail thereof. Marketers in possession of critical thinking skills in developing competent adverts and advertising strategies will be given preference. Thinking outside the box in digital marketing would be highly essential since most businesses already have well-established and competent digital marketing strategies.

In conclusion, digital marketing is expected to experience a major boost in 2019. Digital marketers are expected to create the pace at which companies would be moving in regard to trying to market themselves in the competitive market. Marketers in possession of key marketing skills and competencies would be given preference as they would imply all the difference between the failure and success of a company. Processing top-notch marketing skills would ensure that a digital marketer get preference.

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