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Latest Updates in Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder
Latest Updates in Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder

It’s 2019 and that means a lot of new good and exciting things are coming to us all. Of course, when those things are involved, whatever they may be, we all have to capture them and immortalize them as well as share them to the world. What better way to do this than in Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder?

You might not have noticed it or probably took it for granted but those three sites are actually doing their major updates every year. That means new stuff this year for our favorite social media apps and websites. Not everyone will know about this because who goes through patch and update notes, right? Most of us are laymen but don’t worry, here’s a list of all the good updates you’d want to know about for Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.


1. Augmented Reality Ads

This is great for those using the Facebook marketplace or as a platform to sell online. Augmented reality ads let you and other users test out products (like makeup) using the phone’s camera. It’s like a more interactive camera filter which is useful for sellers and buyers alike.

2. Playable Ads

Oh boy, another ad update, now put down those torches and pitchforks, you don’t need them just yet. Playable ads for Facebook are just that, ads which also double as games! Pretty much interactive ads which, instead of just being visual treats, you can now interact with them!

3. Page Recommendations

Anyone who has a visited or owned a page on Facebook probably has seen this already. What once was Facebook Page Reviews has actually been changed Facebook Page Recommendations, which Facebook promises; a better understanding of what visitors can expect. It also adds more transparency based on previous customers’ experiences.

4. Video Creation Kit

Videos are already more popular than photos on Facebook because they are simply more impactful and harder to tamper with. Now, you can actually make videos which are optimized for Facebook since they just released their new Video Creation Kit. You can also easily turn your device’s photos into FB-optimized videos.


1. Saving Products

There are lots of small businesses in Instagram who utilize the platform to its full efficiency. These guys are also booming and they are about to be even more successful with this neat little update! Now, users can save shoppable products, pretty much like a digital wishlist for stuff they want to buy.

2. Close Friends Feature

This is similar to Facebook’s close friends where you now have the option to keep tabs on them exclusively. This also allows you to immediately see what your close friends have posted. Additionally, sharing content with them is also made easier.

3. Purging Artificial Growth

A lot of Instagram users have been reportedly using third-party software to artificially grow their follower pool. Instagram has made it clear that they want to do away with that kind of “cheating.” Hence, this 2019, they are going to purge inauthentic content and users to clean the social media via their new algorithm.


1. Right Up There

It’s pretty much still the best and most available dating app out there. Okay, nothing new right? But hey, if you’ve ever avoided Tinder in hopes of something a little more intricate and less simple for a dating app, then you might have to wait longer. Tinder is still one of the best dating apps out there and it’s easy to see why. You can even use free VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to check what’s in store for you in other countries if you are into long distance relationships.

2. New Chat Functionalities

Tinder keeps its chat functionalities up-to-date and also keeps adding new GIFs to make chatting with your matches a lot spicier… if that is your thing. If not, then you can always make friends and you will still find the appropriate GIFs for that without appearing too forced or improvised.

3. Tinder Boost

If you are feeling at a loss with your matches and want results right away too, you can now always go for the relatively new Tinder Boost. This allows for and promises 10 times more profile views than without it. The caveat is that it only lasts up to 30 minutes so you should use it strategically to become the top profile in your area for 30 minutes with just a few boost credits.

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