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Leaning on Family During Times of Crisis
Leaning on Family During Times of Crisis

Andrew Napolitano is a well-known face to most people in America. His experience as a judge and popular lawyer spans well over 4 decades long. He is probably most known for having sharp legal opinions on cable television programs and several talk shows on radio. He can be direct and does not hold back on views about the world and current events. Before the public ever heard of this name, he graduated from Princeton University, followed by Notre Dame Law School. He has spent many years, himself, educating future lawyers. Being a teacher of law has been one of his life’s passions. He is also a firm believer of upholding the Constitution and to not misinterpret what it was originally designed for. Many of his scholarly writings have been published. He’s also the author of several popular books, mostly focusing on our personal freedom.

Among several other important issues, the legal expert has been a longtime advocate for strong family bonds and discusses the subject frequently in public. He is extremely protective of his personal life and family, that it is something he rarely discusses in any detail to the media and other outlets. It is something to hold sacred and valued. This view has never been more discussed than it is at this current time in our recent history. With the pandemic now reaching a full year of social distancing and isolation, everyone seems to be dealing with their own hardships. Many have lost their most vulnerable loved ones due to the virus spreading. An enormous amount of the population continues to struggle with a lack of employment, underemployment, medical insurance issues, and homeschooling their children. This is uncharted territory for the vast majority of parents and guardians who are raising young school aged boys and girls. Most have had to rely on help from neighbors or friends. People have had to rely on these people for support more than ever before.

This gives family and friends a time to reflect on what they are most thankful for. The judge has often reminded viewers of his gratitude for having a loving, supportive family unit. He has recently discussed the importance of continuing that support with your loved ones. As the population continues to deal with these difficult situations and yearn to get back to some kind of normalcy, it is eye-opening to hear him discuss these vulnerabilities. The population now have countless new norms that continue to challenge the young and old each day. There are many new rules about how and where we interact with each other. It is essential to have someone to count on and communicate with. Human interaction is something each person needs. Being quarantined can weigh upon a person heavily. As we approach a light at the end of this long tunnel, there is something to be learned by all. Many have now found a new appreciation for relationships, companionship, and life experiences.

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