Live from The Annual Corporate Social Media Summit 2016
Live from The Annual Corporate Social Media Summit 2016
Live from The Annual Corporate Social Media Summit 2016

Social Media Explorer will be reporting live from the Incite Group’s 7th Annual Corporate Social Media Summit on Monday June 20th and Tuesday June 21st. CSMNY is America’s leading social media summit, giving conference attendees the opportunity to learn from and connect with marketing leaders from around the world. These two days will be spent covering what the Incite Group deems “the Pillars of Social Success in 2016,” with a special focus on collaboration, agility, insight, personalization, loyalty. We’ll be listening to top marketers, as they share insight on the role of these six pillars within the world of social:

Live from The Annual Corporate Social Media Summit 2016

  • One-to-one social: build strong relationships with customers through tailored, relevant, and timely interactions
  • Integrate: Prioritize social for a smart and collaborative internal approach, while keeping a clear external message
  • Engage: Attract your audience and enrich your brand narrative
  • Analyze: Employ your social data for better decision making
  • Retain: Keep customers content and happy by integrating social care into a wider support strategy
  • Innovate: Assess the social media landscape to stay current on updates and new opportunities

SME will be listening in on panels with senior communication officers from leading companies such as HP, Intel, Humana, eBay, Google, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. Day One of CSMNY will center on the use of social media as a foundational tool to drive business success. SME will cover conversations between chief marketing officers from Wilson Sports, SAP Ariba, The Recording Academy, and Time Warner Cable Business Class, as they discuss how social can be used to engage, analyze, and better serve your target audience. Day Two of CSMNY will have a two-track focus with one the first on B2C Social Media and the second on B2B Social Media. The day will be populated by case studies, giving goers in depth looks at examples of social media implementation BravoTV, Sociabble, Twitter, and Intel.

Social Media Explorer will be your eyes and ears at CSMNY, giving you live coverage of the panels, talks, and case studies occurring throughout the two-day conference. Follow along on Twitter at @smxplorer and make sure to check out #CSMNY. Catch us on Facebook Live for video updates from the conference.

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