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Maintaining Your Social Life While Working: Self Sovereign Employees
Maintaining Your Social Life While Working: Self Sovereign Employees

With the development of new technology, many workers are changing the way they view their employment. While traditional 9-5 workdays in the office used to be the norm for almost anyone, today more people are looking for independent, remote positions that give them more freedom over the rest of their lives. 

Today, 71% of Americans report that they would rather be self employed. Independent workers make more money on average, they have more say over their hours, and are able to work from almost everywhere due to the growing popularity of remote work. Web3 technologies have made this goal even more achievable for workers as new technologies are emerging each day that create jobs as well as make new opportunities for existing jobs. Web3 is the new evolution of the internet that not only creates millions of jobs with its own development and maintenance projects, but makes technology like the metaverse more accessible for people to use in their own job efforts.

Aside from the increase in their paychecks, many self sovereign workers enjoy the flexibility they experience in their positions. 57% of workers are able to maintain flexible schedules, and many can work from anywhere in the world. This means more time for friends and family, or even the ability to take a nice trip or vacation during the work week. With Web3 technologies, this is more feasible for workers now than it has ever been. 

If self sovereign work sounds like something you would enjoy, you can learn more about it and how Web3 technologies are affecting the way we work in the infographic below:

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work

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