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The Modern iMessage Metamorphosis - Social Media Explorer
The Modern iMessage Metamorphosis
The Modern iMessage Metamorphosis

Apple has always been “notoriously protective of its platform.” With a recent first-ever slowdown of iPhone sales, however, Apple decided to give other businesses the opportunity to interact on its interface. This means a massive shift in not only Apple’s relationship with other companies, but also in your relationship with iMessage.

The Apps, They Are A-Changin’

Many of these changes will be released with the new iOS software, which will be publically released this fall. Major changes of the iOS 10 software include:

  • Enhanced lock screen
  • Smarter Siri
  • Decluttered control center
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Maps has new extensions and updated navigation
  • Photos can now recognize objects, locations and people
  • Apple Music integrated lyrics
  • New Home app can control connected applications in your house.

Pimp My iMessage

While these changes alone signify a large transformation, the most prominent change is that of iOS’ most frequently used app, iMessage. The possibilities that this update present are immense. Some of the key features this update entails include:

  • Handwriting capabilities – Personalize your note by tracing it yourself.
  • Emoji detectors – Merely tap any highlighted word in your message and a suggested emoji will appear in its place using predictive technology. It’s automatic emoji translation!
  • Bubbles! – Your messages can appear and float as animated bubbles in the iMessage. You can even customize the size and angle of the bubble for more ~bubbly~ amusement.
  • Stickers – You can add stickers, adjust their size, and post them in your messages on their own, as a comment on someone else’s comment or as a bubble.
  • Invisible Ink – Add a layer of mystery by concealing your messages and images with a haze until swiped to unveil your photo or message.
  • Link previews – Instead of merely seeing a link, the picture or video of the shared link will automatically be displayed for you to preview the attachment.
  • Emoji-steroids – Three times the original size, three times the original fun!
  • Draw – Love drawing on your photos on Snapchat? You will soon be able to do so on images in iMessage!
  • Save yourself the effort – If you’re in a rush, preset message responses are ideal. With the new update, you can create up to six preset messages to reply in literally a tap.
  • Baby you’re a firework – show your friend what they’re worth by filling their screen with fireworks. The plain white iMessage background can now change depending upon the messages being sent.
  • Photo Revamp – You won’t need to leave the app to take pictures – do so right in the app. And camera roll will look more similar to Photos app instead of a strip of most recent photos as it was previously.
  • Third party developers – In the new iOS 10 update, users can install iMessage apps to interact with in the messages applications. For example. Square Cash will be compatible with iMessage to allow users to send and request money into bank accounts over iMessage. Similarly, if you’re getting a little hungry while messaging, you can use DoorDash, an imessage application for on-demand restaurant delivery service.

Hungry for a visual preview of this iMessage metamorphosis? Check out video overviews of these effects here and here!

These are enormous changes that make iMessage go from zero to a hundred. While many users will be thrilled about the new capabilities, others may be overwhelmed at first by such a stark transformation. Communicating over iMessage may be foggier at first, as rules must be redefined in terms of how individuals exchange information in a professional versus informal manner. Some of the changes may make messaging more elaborate, with more thought needing to be put in each decision. However, the update promises to make virtual interactions more personalized.

While this quick overview can shed some light on coming developments, users must wait for the remaining changes that are in store for us this fall. If you haven’t been spending enough time texting away, you soon will to explore the new, fun features!

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