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Move Over Indiana Jones—This Cat And Bunny Have Taken Twitter By Storm
Move Over Indiana Jones—This Cat And Bunny Have Taken Twitter By Storm

The tomb-raiding Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones has battled Nazis, cultists, grave robbers and all sorts of other villains—but he may have met his match on Friday. A short social media video was viewed millions of times as the final film, likely, in the series, hit the theaters over the weekend.

Response to a 22-second clip showing a cat snuggling with a rabbit has been overwhelmingly positive. As of Saturday, the video had been viewed nearly 14,000,000 times. It also received over 186,000 likes as well as more than 30,000 tweets.

The production cost was also much lower than what it would have been to age “Harrison Ford”. Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

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What We Really Need: A “Feel Good” Clip

It’s not the first viral feel-good video, but we could argue that after a week of cities being covered with smoke due to Canadian wildfires and oppressive heatwaves in southern states as well as the unending war in Ukraine or violence in France, it was time for some good.

The author, Lon Safko of the technology industry, said that it was a great relief to read something as heartfelt. Social Media Bible. Who does not like bunnies and kitties?

The truth is that hardly anyone said anything negative. This was a pleasant surprise, especially for those who use social media. There’s always at least one individual on there, who wants to spread negativity.

Yet… it should still be noted that cats and rabbits can actually get along and coexist, even as experts warn that the two should never be left alone unsupervised given the predator-prey context of the animals. As seen in the clip, these two seemed to be close friends.

What is the Social Media Experience?

The video serves as a good reminder that, before Twitter was a place where people could argue with others and have their opinions reinforced, microblogs were filled with content of this kind. It is possible that this clip became a huge hit for these very reasons.

Unfortunately, this type of content tends to be short-lived, particularly in our highly divided country.

Much like how there are feelings of well-wishing to everyone around the holidays, only for it to be back to business as usual just weeks—and more often mere days—later. It’s a reflection of the society we live in, but that cat being able briefly to befriend that bunny even if staged shows us that social media can bring people together.

Our country has never before been so divided since it was founded. “We as human beings all desire peace, but we haven’t experienced it in quite some time,” said Safko. The kitty, bunny and lamb, as in the case of the lion, are all a sign that humans can find a way to work things out.

And this cat and bunny seemed like the closest friends since that “Moose & Squirrel” duo!

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