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Patokh Chodiev: Charity Is Easy
Patokh Chodiev: Charity Is Easy

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Mr. Chodiev assisted here the population and economy of Uzbekistan during the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we are increasingly seeing examples of selfless help to those in need. Charity projects around the world make us talk about ourselves, showing the world a model for truly humane behavior. And in this regard, the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF) is often mentioned in the world press.

Entrepreneur Dr. Patokh Chodiev created it to provide charitable assistance to vulnerable groups. And now, in the fight against the proliferation of COVID-19, the Foundation’s assistance is becoming more relevant. The philanthropist decided to provide the most active assistance to his homeland, Uzbekistan, by joining forces with the government in a large-scale charity program to support citizens.

The entrepreneur himself was inspired by those recent examples of success in the field of charity that thundered in the media. In particular, this is an example of Captain Tom Moore, a British veteran who decided to help the royal health care system and raise at least a thousand pounds for it. After the operation, he decided to make a hundred laps in his own garden, although every step was not easy for him, because Moore was 99 years old at that time! Despite the seemingly small goal, he managed to collect much more as a result – millions of pounds went to the address of a courageous person. So, with a simple example of personal dedication, an ordinary person could help many patients and show that charity is simple.

Providing those in need in Uzbekistan

The act of Rostov volunteers, who decided to provide masks for sick children and orphans throughout the region, is also an inspiring example for a businessman. For those who cannot get personal protective equipment, or simply cannot buy them, the united caring people sewed them on their own.

Currently, Dr. Chodiev is directing his efforts to change for the better the living conditions of low-income groups of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Given the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this humanitarian support comes in handy. It is carried out sequentially: three stages include, in particular, the provision of 4,500 sets containing thirteen items of food and essential drugs.

Foundation volunteers distribute medical masks and disinfectants throughout Uzbekistan to those in need. Several lots of humanitarian aid have already been delivered, and this is tons of food and medicine.

Migrants from Uzbekistan to Russia: The help of Patokh Chodiev

In the spring of 2020, Chodiev also developed a charitable program to support Uzbek citizens living in Russia and facing a difficult financial situation in a pandemic. The fact is that labor migrants from Uzbekistan during the general quarantine massively lost their jobs. Having found themselves without work, a huge number of people turned out to be not only unable to provide themselves with proper conditions for staying in a regime of self-isolation, but they also lost literally the most necessary things – shelter and food.

And here the Moscow center Sakhovat acted as an ally of the entrepreneur in helping these people. Thanks to the already existing infrastructure of volunteers, the center can quickly provide assistance to unemployed Uzbeks and their families in Russia. The main source of funding for the implementation of this charity project was the Fund and directly Patokh Chodiev.

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