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3 Signs That You’re Addicted to Social Media
3 Signs That You’re Addicted to Social Media

The human mind looks for things it can become addicted to, despite religious upbringing, financial status, career choices, or calorie counting. No one is immune from an insane obsession that can mean hardship and heartbreak — even if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

This is especially true for those addicted to social media — who cannot conceive of life without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and numerous other social platforms on cyberspace. To find out if you are teetering on the brink of social media addiction, ask yourself the following impertinent and useless questions:

Do you sleep with your mobile device?

You do? Does it snore? Will it scratch your back if you ask nice? How often does it have to get up at night to use the bathroom? Anywho. Studies show that people who sleep with their tablets or smartphones are more likely to wake up with Borg implants than those who don’t.  

Does Facebook seem more real than the people around you?

That’s because the people around you are morons, every last one of ‘em. While everybody on Facebook is so nice and rich and clever. Why would you ever want to deal with your stupid nextdoor neighbor when Sally on Facebook is going to show you how to split the atom in your microwave?

Are you reading this post and taking it seriously?

You are in deep doo-doo. This post is nothing but clickbait, meant to boost numbers so the website owner can sell it to some poor numbskull for a fabulous profit. And you’re helping him do it! Go stand in the corner.

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