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Significant New Instagram Change Comes With A Big Catch
Significant New Instagram Change Comes With A Big Catch

Users in the U.S. will soon have access to a once exclusive feature.

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Instagram announced today that users who are based in America will be able tag products in posts. Tagging products, a feature previously available only to selected business or creator accounts, allows anyone viewing a relevant post to browse additional information on any tagged products before buying them via the app’s built-in checkout.

The feature is now available to everyone. Anyone can tag brands in their posts in the same manner as they tag other Instagram accounts. You can also add tags that identify specific products of the brand.

You can place product tags in your regular feed posts as well as videos, stories, and reels. To access a product page, tap on the tag. It will display detailed information and images along with the price. Buy Now button. You can save the products you have tagged to a shopping list for future reference.

Based on The Verge, there’s no financial incentive for users to tag products in this way. It’s essentially just free promotion for the brands concerned, that it is hoped users will provide out of the goodness of their hearts.

Instagram has teased the potential for future income with an affiliate program. The program allows creators who are eligible to make commission on any sales that they generate through their product tags.

Companies will have access to all product content and the option to disable unfettered product tags to protect themselves from any abuse by the large number of users who are soon able use this feature.

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