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Social Media and Divorce: Getting Your Accounts Ready for Court
Social Media and Divorce: Getting Your Accounts Ready for Court

The unfortunate truth for many couples is that they are not compatible anymore. Time allows people to grow apart if they do not consistently work on their relationship. Temptation also is at an all-time high with social media and dating apps making it easy to meet people of all walks of life. Getting ready for divorce can be a process as the division of property could depend on certain clauses in a prenuptial agreement. The last thing that you want is to lose out on a certain piece of property or family rights due to breaking agreements that have been set by both family law attorneys. Below are tips to get your accounts ready and what you shouldn’t post during the divorce process.

Do Not Badmouth Your Ex

Children and teens are on social media constantly so this is not a platform to badmouth your ex. Your ex could have been a terrible person but there is no reason to speak negatively about your child’s parent. The conflict may have even involved your children to a point where you had to change their last name legally, and you might not even speak to your ex now, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to create even more toxicity by badmouthing them. Too many conflicts make their way onto social media and can turn ugly quite quickly. This can even hurt you in a professional sense as berating someone on social media does not represent a company in a positive light. The courtroom is the place where you can allow those in attendance to know how you were treated. Social media fights in the comments section can accomplish nothing but can have quite a few negative consequences.

Do Not Set Your Relationship Status to Single Until the Divorce Has Concluded

Do not set your relationship status to single until after the divorce. The last thing you want is people to start asking questions that you will not be able to answer during the proceedings. Some people opt to take their relationship status completely offline as it is not the public’s business. You do not want an uncontested divorce to get ugly due to posting about this and an ex wanting revenge.

Delete Accounts So You Cannot be Tagged in Photos

Deleting your accounts is the best way to make sure nothing posted can be used against you in court. You could be tagged in a photo that impacts the ruling on the divorce. A person that cited substance abuse as a reason they wanted a divorce will have their case solidified if pictures of drinking are posted every weekend. There could be a reason an ex thought you were unfaithful and might use the addition of friends to try to prove this case. Social media is a tool for divorce and family lawyers that help them get favorable results for their clients on a daily basis.

Create Professional Social Media Accounts

Social media is a huge part of a number of professions so creating business accounts is imperative. You will not have to do much work as you can add followers or friends as you deem necessary. You shouldn’t have to close all accounts as you will only be posting on topics relevant to work. Divorce is common so venting on social media is not going to get any sympathy. LinkedIn is a great platform to keep as you will be able to see jobs available if you decide to leave the city after the divorce is finalized. Avoid adding friends of your ex to your profiles until the divorce has concluded as some exes use their friends as spies on social media.

 Divorce is something that is a reality for many couples and divorces do differ immensely. Uncontested divorces are going to be the easiest to deal with as neither party want to fight to keep the relationship alive.

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