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Social Media Is Clearing The ‘Fog Of War’ As Reports Confirm Destruction Of Russian Black Sea Fleet Flagship
Social Media Is Clearing The ‘Fog Of War’ As Reports Confirm Destruction Of Russian Black Sea Fleet Flagship

The United States Navy had its headquarters in the Second World War. Essex-class aircraft carrier USS LexingtonThe enemy reported that (CV-16), was twice damaged in Japanese air strikes. She quickly recovered and returned to fighting, even so that Tokyo Rose, a Japanese propagandist, nicknamed her “The Blue Ghost.” This colorful name was quickly adopted by all the pilots and crew members who served aboard the aircraft carrier.

A different American EssexUSS -class carrier Intrepid(CV-11) was also spared seven bomb strikes, five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. However, the ship continued to return to action even after repairs. This earned her the nickname “The Ghost Ship” among enemy forces.

While in the past, reports of the demise of warships may have often been “greatly exaggerated” – to paraphrase Mark Twain – in the era of social media, it could be far easier to confirm an enemy’s vessel’s destruction. The Russian Navy’s cruiser missile was a perfect example. MoskvaThe Black Sea Fleet’s flagship,

On Wednesday night, reports circulated that the ship was severely damaged and that her crew had abandoned it. A military spokesperson in Kyiv was the first to report that the ship had been struck by a cruise missile. This reportedly led to it being tipped over and eventually sinking.

Smartphones and social media make it much simpler to verify these “facts”, and clear out the “fog war”.

The victory is what makes history. As it has been in wartimes, and the Ukrainian government was the one who first declared the defeat of the guided-missile cruiser, Oleksiy Istovych was a Ukrainian blogger, adviser and actor. He also served as a columnist for the Ukrainian political party. MoskvaThrough his Twitter account @arestovych, he is struggling in the Black Sea.

His tweet read, “The Black Sea Fleet flagship of Russia’s Russian Federation cruiser Moskva’ experienced a negative ascent at the area of U200bu200bthe Island where it was supposed to be sent.

As of Thursday afternoon, the video had been viewed over 133,000 times. However, Wall Street JournalYaroslav Trofimov, a foreign affairs reporter (@yarotrof), tweeted that Russia has admitted to the fact that its Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, Moskva, was set ablaze by two Neptune cruise-missiles from Ukraine. This could be a turning point in this war.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on Thursday that they had received the MoskvaIt “remains floating” and measures are being taken to bring it to port.

Real Time Analysis

Real-time comment from experts is another notable innovation that social media has brought about in the battle for Ukraine. Daily Beast David Axe (@daxe), a reporter, was quick to comment on the implications of Russia’s loss in the guided missile cruiser.

Even more amazing, we only know of one Neptune battery in Kyiv. Then SAVED IT AND a few other missiles to get a shot at Russia’s largest ship. Patience. Discipline,” Axe tweeted.

He said, quickly: “It gets worse für Russia. Turkey will not allow any of its two remaining ‘Slava-class cruisers to enter the Black Sea in order to take the place of ‘Moskva. Russia lost half its naval firepower off Ukraine and can’t restore it without going to war with NATO.”

Fighting Misinformation

Even though it is confirmed that there are MoskvaWhile the Black Sea disaster severely damaged the warship, misinformation continues to circulate on social media about it. Images of another ship in flames were also included, as they had been incorrectly linked to the Russian Navy’s missile cruiser.

“A manipulated photo is being shared online with false allegations it shows the Russian warship Moskva ablaze. The image actually depicts a vessel that was set ablaze in Kerch Strait, in 2019,

It seems that social media can provide real time reporting and analysis of a conflict, and help clear away some of the fog of war – yet the platform still can spread misinformation. Tokyo Rose could have tweeted about it. LexingtonAnd Intrepid.

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