The First Airline to test out the “Voice Tweet” feature. - Social Media Explorer
The First Airline to test out the “Voice Tweet” feature.
The First Airline to test out the “Voice Tweet” feature.

Social Media in the Aviation Industry 

The power of social media has a significant impact on the way the aviation industry conducts business. From connecting with end-users to collaborating with partners, social media presents both opportunities and challenges that help companies accelerate growth and unleash their potential. 

Some of the world’s top airlines have more than a million followers on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These social media users are highly engaged with the airlines they follow and love to see their content reposted or replied to. 

These different social media platforms provide new ways for travelers to share their stories and for businesses to further establish their brand and connect with their online audience on a personal level that can truly resonate with their customers. 

This puts an emphasis on the need for brands to be up-to-date with new social media trends that emerge as a result of the rapid pace of innovation, new technology, and the constant demand for new features. 

Introduction of the “Voice Tweet” feature 

In the past weeks, Twitter introduced its new “Voice Tweet” feature to the world, where users are now allowed to tweet out voice notes in place of traditional text posts. 

“Twitter is where you go to talk about what’s happening. Over the years, photos, videos, gifs, and extra characters have allowed you to add your own flair and personality to your conversations. But sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation. So starting today, we’re testing a new feature that will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter – your very own voice.” wrote Twitter staffers in a blog post. 

Moreover, “There’s a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.” the company says. 

Since its launch, the new “Voice Tweet” feature not only attracted the attention of users but also of world-famous brands, each of which began to test this new 140 seconds of audio feature in its own industry. 

Turkish Airlines becomes the first Airline to test this new feature. 

Last week, Turkish Airlines which is known to be a pioneer of many innovations in the aviation industry was the first among its peers to test out the “Voice Tweet” feature on twitter. And it’s no surprise to see this airline as an initiator for such trends. Turkish Airline has carefully crafted social media campaigns around them that have resulted in huge dividends in brand awareness throughout many high profile markets. 

Creating a brand identity requires out-of-the-box creativity and Turkish Airlines got it right with one of its latest tweets including a 46-second message from one of its captains. 

With many of the world population not being able to travel amid the global lockdown, the airline surprised its 1.8 M followers on Twitter who have been longing for the inflight experience for months and missing the Captain’s announcements. 

Through the voice tweet the airline announced that their flights have resumed resumed and that they continue to take their passengers back to their loved ones with all safety precautions. 

Click on the link below to listen to the Voice Tweet with the Captain’s announcement: 

Many customers today interact with businesses via more platforms across different industries. However, airlines feel the impact perhaps most profoundly due the increase in volume of social interactions they’ve seen over the past decade. 

Therefore, as a brand in the airline industry, it is very important to be aware of the social media trends when creating campaigns that engage with passengers. Do it right, and the sky’s the limit.

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