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This Fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter Account Is Quite Hilarious
This Fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter Account Is Quite Hilarious

Parody is the ultimate compliment if imitation is flattery.

A series of tweets by a parody account of Alexandria Ocasio-CortezThe (or AOC, as she’s known) has struck a chord with thousands of tweets and millions views.

It’s likely because Elon Musk has mentioned the account on his feed. The search term “AOC” shows the parody account first, which is probably something Musk was also responsible for doing.

Here’s just a small handful of my favorites so far:

The account’s author has written some gems. I particularly like the one where the fake account pretends to be offended by all of the jabs: “Making fun of someone as important as me should never be allowed in a free society.”

This is where you might think it is time to cry foul, that it isn’t fair for the owner of Twitter to be able to mess with the search results on Twitter. Musk restored the account, which was previously blocked, after he had tweeted. The feed is now going viral.

I don’t see anything too harmful in all of this, mostly because the jokes are actually funny. It doesn’t seem malicious, and the second we start blocking parody accounts we might as well start censoring all comedians. Some jokes can be challenging to a particular way of thinking.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a member of the Democratic Party in New York City has been involved in an on-going spat with Musk for about a year. They have traded barbs over Twitter regarding policy issues. Musk appears to be taking everything in stride, and isn’t afraid to take on politicians via his social media platform.

The real AOC Twittered a warning against the fake account.

Another twist is that it appears the AOC real account has blocked the fake one.

Elon Musk is a meme-loving man. He seems to post about them quite a lot, and tries to make them as much as he possibly can. I’m sure he is having a field day with the parody tweets.

It is only a matter of time before AOC is able to garner sufficient support in order for Twitter to intervene, given that the parody account makes fun of a politician.

It’s my guess that more and more people are going to flock towards the parody Twitter account. They will retweet jokes. The meme is here to stay.

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